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need help with a film

Started by drew_042001, May 06, 2009, 12:36:24 AM

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i'm new to the board, but not new to "bad movies". :)

when i was a kid, i remember watching this movie about a female terminator/cyborg or something like that.

movie must be from the 80s, because i remember that she is going after this guy. that's all i remember.

it's a woman, who is a robot. can anybody help?



Well, there is the movie Lady Terminator, but she isn't a robot.
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If she looked like a big-haired platinum blonde Amazon with metal armor, then this is probably "Alienator."  Here's a screen capture from that movie:

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thanks for responding, but those aren't the movies.

i remember 3 scenes in particular.

1- on top of a rooftop with a shotgun

2- she is washing dishes in a house or something like that and this guy is spying on her because he knows that she's out to get him

3- she is walking down a hall, and you want see that half her face is gone, like in Terminator, because i remember the metal face and eyes.

hope this helps


This might be Steel and Lace (1991).