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Started by WyreWizard, March 19, 2011, 07:20:59 AM

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It was the mid-80s and I was a teen.  I had seen this movie and I don't know the tite of it.  Now I didn't see the whole thing, I started watching it through the middle.  Now the movie was in black and white, so it was a 50s or early 60s film.  The main character was a severed woman's head in a tray.  Not only was this woman alive, but she as able to speak!  You know what I said about sevred heads being able to speak.  They can't.  Because they don't have lungs to force air through their larynxes to make their vocal chords vibrate.  All they can do is move their lips.  But enough of that.  The other main character was that woman's fiancee, a scientist.  He was working to get a body for her.  Anyone know the name of this film?
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QuoteAll they can do is move their lips.

but wouldn't that be another reality flaw?

Anyway, here's the title of your movie  :wink:


Hahahaha. The Brain That Wouldn't Die from '62 of course!  :teddyr: Great MST3K episode too.
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Original Poster never returned, unfortunately, but Jordan and Claws solved this one correctly.


Quote from: M.10rda on June 21, 2021, 08:19:43 AM
Original Poster never returned, unfortunately, but Jordan and Claws solved this one correctly.

The post you refer to is 2011.  WyreWizard's last post was 2013...  :question:
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M.Iorda- Wyre Wizard was an infamous troll on the board for many years. His original post was made as such.
Look at his history. Why don't you join in general conversation? That would be cool!  :thumbup:
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Thanks - maybe I will try that. :)    I am not actually a troll, or wasn't being a troll, or didn't intend to be a troll... just an awkward non-social guy who was trying to be helpful in some way by tidying up old unsolved posts. If it ever occurs to me that I have anything else to contribute to a legitimate conversation - I sure will try to do that.