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70s/80s time travel movie with cannibalism at the end?

Started by Zipper, December 29, 2021, 04:56:02 PM

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From memory, this movie is about a bunch of young people who act as time travel experiments under the US military where where they are put in a bunker under a rocky or desert location. The story involves them flipping back and forth through time, fighting amongst themselves and the other soldiers or scientists, and there is a memorable scene at the end where a female protagonist is flipped into the back of a futuristic car where they are taken away, with the dialogue leaving an impression that their body is little more than a meal. Much of the later plot revolves around getting supplies or time-travelling through the bunker, through these long vents. The time machines are shaped like test tube coffins. The name of the flick seems to evoke the name "Arizona", for instance "The Arizona Experiment". It is freely available on youtube, which is where I saw it. The director is fairly accomplished and this is one of their early experiments but the actors are misnomers with most never acting again. Help me eggheads.


Not Fire in the Sky, of course? Only one even vaguely like the one you described. I have no idea.
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Quote from: RCMerchant on December 29, 2021, 10:49:48 PM
Perhaps IDAHO TRANSFER (1973)

Yes! You nailed it, thank you. Turned out they are used for fuel at the end, not food, my mistake. Thanks again!


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