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Cast Members of "What Waits Below" Interview

Started by Andrew, May 19, 2007, 12:13:47 AM

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The review for "What Waits Below" was one of the earlier articles on the website. Over the years, I noticed a neat trend: members of the cast were checking in and posting on the Reader Comments page. I contacted them and was rewarded by responses from Bruce Howard and Dale Kells.

Bruce's part in the movie, filmed for the "South America" portion, was cut entirely in the end. Dale played the part of a cave dwelling Lemurian.

Andrew Borntreger


Seriously, I think I lived next door to Dale for a while when we were young. Does she have a twin brother?

I grew up in Guntersville, which is a few miles from Cathedral Caverns. My sister worked there as a tour guide when she was in high school.

I remember when they filmed this one at the caverns (and almost asphyxiated the cast and crew), but I've never seen it.  :smile:
If you're an Andy Milligan fan there's no hope for you.

Misty Abbott

I was in the Movie when I was 3 They did a close up of my face I was sitting a womans lap,I rember Them Spraying me with stuff to make my skin white and the fur coats we had to ware,and little things I also rember getting real sick at one time and my dad told me when I got older about the carbionminoxsied ordeal in the cave,We have lots of pictures and stuff form those days as well..


I to was an extra in this movie. In the Caverns of Alabama (USA)  Myself and a friend both where.  We were usually the ones most directly behind the actors due to our gymnastic training so we got the full make up with the laytex forhead and neck treatment at times. The white contacts as well.

I suck with names but my fondest memory was a gent's name I could remember.  Emmerson Cole.  He to was an extra.  Was in his 60's... maybe 70's.  An amazing artist who worked at Redstone near by.  He was an illistrator. Drawings for military manuals, Anatomy books etc. 

Also one of the directors..... himself not very young either. Was told he only had one lung, yet he was one of the last to leave the cave when it got filled with Carbon Dioxide. Saw him making sure everyone was getting out.  There was a Temperature inversion due to heat of all the bodies, lights, generators etc.  That stopped the flow of generator exhaust OUT of the cave. The theory was the exhaust would flow out cause cooler air seeks the warmer outside air so it was allways flowing OUT.  (Till we made it warmer in the cave than outside.)  Mostly due to Timmothy Bottoms ego I think