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Rick Sloane Interview

Started by Andrew, February 02, 2008, 07:32:11 PM

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Rick Sloane is known best for his film "Hobgoblins," after it appeared on Mystery Science Theater 3000.  He also wrote, directed, and produced the "Vice Academy" series and several other films.  Still, "Hobgoblins," with its furry little monsters, is Mr. Sloane's most famous work and currently on his mind, because he is releasing "Hobgoblins 2" in 2008.

Andrew Borntreger


Great interview!   :thumbup:

I've never seen Hobgoblins or any of the Vice Academy films.
One of these days I'll have to track them down and watch them.

And I especially love his titles for those fake trailers.
"Chainsaw Chicks," "Nightmare of the Lost Whores," and "Amputee Hookers" .
Awesome titles!   :teddyr:


i love 'vice academy' parts 1 and 2, and i've listened to rick's commentary on both dvds. he went into a bit more detail here about the problems with linnea and ginger lynn, which was especially interesting.


This guy seems like a really great sport, and it's nice to see someone who's fully aware and enjoys making Schlocky pictures. :thumbup:

Rev. Powell

I just saw the NST3K version of HOBGOBLINS, and I agree with Rick that the personal shots at the end were low blows (and worse yet, they weren't clever).   The badness of the movie speaks for itself, and jokes at the expense of the film are fair game.  Rick seems to admit that these movies aren't "good", but I believe him when he says they look like what he intended to make.  I'd do it the same way if I had a camera and a budget.     
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Phil Castor

First off, I'm old. Old enough to remember watching all of Rick Sloane's movies on USA's UP ALL NIGHT. And they were great! They were fun to watch then as they are still today. For those who haven't seen the VICE ACADEMY series, go see them NOW! And I mean NOW! Recently all six of the VICE ACADEMY films have been collected in an inexpensive collection called the ADVANTAGE COLLECTION: HOT COPS & GOOD GIRLS. It also includes two other films, one of them is another Sloane film called GOOD GIRLS DON'T (which I highly recommended) that stars Julia Parton and Renee Estevez. This is my absolute favorite Rick Sloane film ever.

What's great about Rick Sloane's films is that they have an innocence to them. There's nothing grotesgue or offensive about them. They're just FUN to watch over and over and over again. I applaud Mr. Sloane for sticking to his guns and keep making the same kind of films that inspired him all those years ago. I'm currently a film student in Cupertino, and I tell all the younger kids who just started to watch expoitations films because of the GRINDHOUSE release, go watch a Rick Sloane film. Or a Fred Olen Ray film. Or a David DeCoteau film. Go watch these films that these men made in the 80's and early 90's and you will see a different kind of low budget film than what's being made today. They were just so much fun to watch. And judging by the trailer for Hobogoblins 2, Rick Sloane is still having fun. Thanks for the memories Rick!!!


When I was asked to work on the second (or third) Vice Academy film, I had to watch the first Vice Academy.  Besides the one scene where one of the (originally three) Vice girls pulled off her top to expose her breasts (to send her attacker off guard) I thought maybe these were just a really lame excuse to show some T & A.  Vice Academy one was the only one of these movies that was THAT blatant.  The rest were like a "Charlies Angels" meets "Married with Children".  I loved the dorky, campy sense of humor include the outrageously obvious dorky sound effects.  I think there were six in all?  I have seen one, two and three as well as "Good Girls Don't".

I have actually SEEN Hobgoblins II!  I think it's going to come out in boxed set in June.  To be honest, I"m not sure I'll enjoy the orginal Hobgoblins as much without the MST3K commentary.


Phil Castor! I've never met another person who already knew so much about Vice Academy. They were still showing it on Up All Night when I was in High School. I made a boxed set of VHS tapes in my art class. I've lost my Good Girls Don't tape, but I still frequently watch my Up All Night copy of Babewatch: The Forbidden Parody.

I only saw Hobgoblins years later on MST3K. I can't wait to see this new one!


Gosh, I haven't thought about Rick Sloane or "Hobgoblins" in I couldn't tell you how many years.  The MST3K episode is, by far, one of my favorites.  Even the ending with them ripping on Rick.  I know it was mean, but still funny.  I appreciate that Rick knows what he is making and puts all his effort into it.

I too remember the UP ALL NIGHT days and watching the 'Vice Academy" movies and just enjoying the camp!

And don't feel bad Rick, if you read this.  I am a low-budget screenwriter and have had my scripts bashed.  But hey, I'm just the writer...what happens afterwards isn't my fault!  :-)

I am THRILLED to see "Hobgoblins 2" and would get a bootleg if I could.  I was thrilled to stumble upon this today.  I can't wait!!!!!!

Jeff P

Hi All...  Just came across this blog after stumbling across the Advantage Vice Academy box set.  I live in Canada (Toronto) and actually found it in a clearance bin for $5.99 - WoW! - I admit that I had never heard of Mr. Sloane before now or any of his movies - But after losing sleep these past few nights because I just could not get enough of the Vice movies and what was going to happen next, I decided to do some further research and here I am at this blog site.  I still have not seen the other two movies included in the set, but will over the next couple of days once I can stop yawning from being so tired from watching the Vice movies...  I will definately be checking out Hobgoblins and can only hope that Mr. Sloane (Unless I am unaware of one) puts together a Vice reunion.  I think it would be a blast.  I've always enjoyed "B" movies as they are called and laughed my ass off while shaking my head at the same time when I first watched Toxic Avenger many moons ago.  Cheers!


Rick Sloane, you are an inspiration to indie filmmakers like me. May your name forever be honoured in the world of bad movies.  :cheers:


I've had one of the Vice Academy movies sitting on my shelf, unwatched, for quite a while now.  I forgot it was directed by Rick Sloane - I knew there must have been some special reason I bought it   :teddyr:  I've also got Blood Theater (a.k.a. Movie House Massacre), Sloane's first movie.  It's very much in the same bizarre, wacky style of Hobgoblins.  Quite enjoyable!
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