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Mini Game Review: Scarface, The World Is Yours

Started by Mr. DS, January 11, 2007, 12:17:53 PM

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Mr. DS


PLOT OVERVIEW:  The game takes up right after Tony's  "say 'ello to my little friend" exclamation in the mansion.  Instead of getting gunned down by Sosa's men, Tony makes it out alive and goes into hiding for several months.  When Tony (sobered up and much meaner) decides to head out into the world again, he starts the fight to regain, as he would say it,  "the world and everything in it". 

From this point on, its up to you to kill off gang members, muscle in on territory and make connections with the proper suppliers/dealers for cocaine.  Passing the missions insures you money, which you can spend on the nice things in life like cars, boats and mansion upgrades.  The utmost goal is to get revenge against Sosa and his men. 

ON THE PLUS SIDE:  The graphics are most excellent and the soundtrack is complete with several catchy songs from the 80s.  Players can actually customize mixes of the game's music, which include a wide variety of artists like Public Enemy, Ministry and Johnny Cash. 

The voice over talent is spot on and AndrĂ© Sogliuzzo sounds exactly like Al Pacino in the role he made famous.  Several other famous actors also provide voices for the various characters in the game.  This goes nicely with the lovingly recreated map of Miami complete with several places from the movie like The Babylon Club. 

The most fun aspect of the game is the free reign of 80s Miami.  Also, the game literally makes you feel like you're running a huge underground business.  The game excels in these side missions like negotiating with coke suppliers then distributing your "goods" all throughout town. 

Once you effectively launder your money in the local bank, you can choose to blow it on "exotics".  This includes a fine choice of fast cars (which can be delivered via driver), attack boats and decor for your mansion.  All this is pertinent on raising your reputation, which opens many new adventures in the game. 

As for weaponry SMGs, AK47s and chainsaws are some of many choices you can use to battle rival gangs.  All these are available through your cell phone in the game once you purchase a weapons dealer.  The game allows you to go into a blind rage mode after you fill your "balls" meter.  One can fill this meter with throwing out taunts, which only Tony Montana can come up with. 

The game also offers up some fun gambling side games like cock fights, black jack and video poker.

ON THE MINUS SIDE:  The game has a few hair pulling frustrations.  First off, Tony cannot jump or climb walls.  Which would be ok if the game didn't set up several obstructing things like walls and rock formations.  However, these rocks and walls exist and are the cause of much aimless wondering on the game's map. 

For the sadist gamer, many may find the fact you can't kill innocent people with Tony frustrating.  Also, the absence of drivable aircraft greatly takes away from the game's fun factor.  I was excited when I first saw the "float boat" available in the "exotics" menu.  However, this proves to be an instant teleport more than anything. 

The SIMS-like "pimp my mansion" feature where one can decorate Tony's house with exotics proves to be rather frustrating control wise. 

Perhaps the biggest problem the game may face is its closeness to the Grand Theft Auto series.  Although I found it to be a bit different on a gaming angle, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see the similarities between the two games. 

(out of 5)
SOUND: 4.5
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Famous Mortimer

Good accurate review. Past a certain point, the game does get kinda samey, and the progression in skill isn't really there. Some fun to be had when you raid a house full of drug dealers and blow them all away, but there's not enough meat to the game.
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