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Your own bad movies on Youtube.

Started by Intangible Skeleton, August 05, 2008, 12:54:38 PM

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I made a select few semi-coherent shorts ages ago. Actually, several are gone for good.
Up until a crash erased the cutting floor, I had a super ambitious multimedia project in the pipes, a whole 3 mins complete.

A few seconds are around.

! No longer available

There's also a set of three terrible episodic cartoons called "Snail Bob's Pimp Years" with no clear conclusion and some really dodgy voice work, but there's briefly a bit of story and I obviously like them enough to tell about them when I could clearly just admit to myself that I don't have much of anything in the way of completed works to openly brag about here.

A bit better is the (still more simplistic) "Tragic Tale of Helpful Strawberry the Girl Potty," inspired by riveting creeper dialogue in a free webchat. And either my ears are completely messing up, or YouTube has somehow screwed up the audio where the female character is nearly inaudible. It's a solid sketch, imo... but that miffs me. But it's not unlikely that it's me, either - I think I may be in the midst of developing some very bad tinnitus, possibly from my impeccable bass-heavy mixing techniques. I kind of hope it's me - between my oldish uploaded videos and my basic sensory functioning, I'm used to the former being somewhat more reliable... even if YouTube has gone to the dogs.