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Ian Stuart Interview

Started by Andrew, May 18, 2007, 11:58:54 PM

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Ian Stuart wrote the script that would become "The Pit." Though memorable for the psychological problems exhibited by the main character, it was intended to be a serious look at an even younger boy with mental problems.

Andrew Borntreger

Mike McGee

So cool that this interview is here! I watched The Pit for the first time this morning, and it was clear to me that something had gone awry between the page and screen. I was briefly intrigued by the idea that Teddy was real (I presumed that talking/moving Teddy and the creatures in the pit were all products of the kid's imagination until we saw them in scenes that took place outside his POV), but when that development never led anywhere -- and when, worse yet, the creatures took a leading role in the film, and it turned into ridiculous hackery -- I got the idea that maybe a good script had been buried. The execution of the film (overlooking some poor line-readings) was pretty strong and raw, I thought, but the story went off the rails -- and now it's clear what happened. Sorry your script didn't get the treatment it deserved, Mr. Stuart...maybe someday, I hope?