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Evil Twin With A Coin

Started by Psycho Circus, October 02, 2011, 05:05:19 AM

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Oh my god Thank you so so much Psycho Circus ! I'vé ben looking for this movie for a decade ! I remember the same thing as you do (the twins, thé end fight with glasses and the flipping coin ending) and could't remember it's name ! My parents rent it when I was a child and I was unable to find it back in my memory, and everytime I spoke about it, nobody was able to hell me !

So Thank you so much ! Excuse my poor english i'M french and only registred to leave you this message !


Dark Reflection was great movie.....  I write twin stories on Tumblr, if anyone is interested.  Dulafer is my name.


Thank you! I have been looking for this film for YEARS! It has on and off driven me mad trying to find it. I have managed to find it to watch online now, I can't post links but its on a place called rarefilmm if you are interested :smile: