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Title: Xanadu
Post by: on October 26, 1999, 03:40:08 PM
Andrew, You obviously lack the one thing necessary to thourghly enjoy this movie....a crush on Oliva Newton-John. i saw it in '81 and almost named my daughter Kira (switched to Cara instead).

Title: Xanadu
Post by: on October 27, 1999, 04:16:02 PM
OK Andrew, you are obviously not part of what was the targetted audience here.  I don't think I know a girl that is around my age that didn't LOVE Xanadu.  It had everything a little girl growing up in the late 70's/early 80's dreamed, magic, & rollerskating.  Anyway, I love this movie no matter how corny you or anyone else says.  So there, NAH!! ;-)

Title: Xanadu
Post by: on November 08, 1999, 12:02:34 AM
Oooooh, roller-skating... Olivia Newton-John... My dreams have come... and gotten shot.  Hell, I saw this movie when it came out and I was severely disappointed even then, Olivia's shiny cheeks aside.  Zeus is the god of gods, the wielder of thunderbolts, conquerer of titans, and wooer of earthly women, I thought to myself.  What the hell does roller-skating have to do with his interests?  I figured if I was the head honcho of my own pantheon, I'd be a bit more imaginative than that...

Title: Xanadu
Post by: on December 03, 1999, 03:33:27 AM
I have to agree with were not the targeted audience for this movie.  I also loved the movie.  If everybody liked the same things this world would be completely it's okay if you didn't like it.  :-)

Title: Xanadu
Post by: NC on November 25, 2006, 04:09:49 PM
Ok I first saw this movie when it was first out on tape. I borrowed my cousins' dubbed copy and never gave it back to them. Really I didn't like the movie except for the intro sequence and Michael Beck that played Sonny. I guess you could say that I had a crush on him, but being only around 7/8 years old it was more like I thought he was a cool guy. And I wore out the tape fastforwarding through all of the dumb parts like the '40s style number. Now I'm an adult (26), haven't seen Xanadu in 17 years, and since rediscovering Beck's 'good' movie 'The Warriors' will never have to watch Xanadu every again if I want to fawn over how great Beck and his hair looked way back when.

Title: Xanadu
Post by: Novaheart on November 25, 2006, 04:09:49 PM
Two words: Oliva & Gene!! This movie rocks!! I love its disco/art deco fusion, sure the acting is horrible, and the dialog is completely ridiculous, but it harkens to the way B movies were made in the studio years prior to the 1960's.

Where else can you see Kelly in roller skates??? I love Geney Kelly, this guy is amazing, and to see him in a more modern musical with the Olivia - who was every boys dream girl in 1980 - is history in the making. It was one of Gene's last movies, if not his last.  Oliva has never looked better.

The music for this movie musical is just as good as the music for Grease, but because Grease was a better made film  Xanadu  did not have as much impact as Grease, still it is a masterpiece of an album, especially the lush disco influenced tracks by Jeff Lyne, I think it's his best work. Oliva's distinct silky voice works very well with Lynne's lush big sound, oddly enough...

Remember, this is B movie at best, but it's alot of fun, for reasons that personal taste can only address. I like the look of the movie, it's similar to another film of 1980 - Flash Gordon, the same company did the special effects for Xanadu.

Title: Xanadu
Post by: Bowie on August 20, 2002, 09:26:02 PM
This movie made me want to commit suicide within seconds!!!!

Title: Xanadu
Post by: katmann on March 19, 2000, 03:41:37 AM
You're all nuts, watched(and I mean WATCHED!) this film more than fourty times.I Love every time. And as for the glowing blue people... the're not blue , the're GREEN...adjust you're TV!

Title: Xanadu
Post by: Squishy on March 27, 2000, 07:30:51 AM
Trivia: Disney renegade Don Bluth did the animated sequence in "Xanadu" before moving on to better ("The Secret of NIMH") and worse ("Rock-A-Doodle-Doo") things.

I liked ELO, still do. But I never had the required crush on Olivia Newton-John (AKA the good-girl who learns to be a raging slut in "Grease") and, well, where's Michael Beck now? Roller disco? Allan Carr? Ew. Pardon me, I have to spew.

Title: Xanadu
Post by: Renata e Dani Dani on June 10, 2000, 10:39:02 PM
It's a cruelty to say that this movie isn't. It is SO BAD, it becomes wonderful!!! The glowing people all coming from another planet - which is Greece - the skaters as a way of transportation, it's great, it's social, it's political!!! It's like the traffic solution, you never know how much you need until you get it. Olivia Newton-John is the first Australian who plays a Greek in USA with the coherence of a German in Hawaii. Just loved it! (My friend is still going to watch it, she's concerned about the roller skaters though...)

Title: Xanadu
Post by: Steve on June 16, 2000, 11:12:51 PM
Wow, your way off base on this film. Though the character of Sonny was miscast, this is a very good musical.
Olivia Newton-John is great, along with Gene Kelly.
The music has stood the test of time as well.

Instead of being labeled a bad film, hopefully one day this film will be appreciated and gain the respect it deserves.

There are numbers of films when first produced were labled "bad" films only to surface in the future, where  new viewers grew to love them. I believe this is such a film.
Certainly in the same class as say Gene Kelly's "Brigadoon",
which has become a classic.

Title: Xanadu
Post by: Kelly on June 20, 2000, 02:53:56 PM
For my part, it didn't matter what the movie was like - it had Olivia _and_ ELO...  I saw this movie day after day when it came out, & loved it.  Not sure I'd have the nerve to invite anybody over to watch it, though, nowadays.

Title: Xanadu
Post by: Girl on June 22, 2000, 11:02:18 PM
Xanaduuu.....I hated this movie!!! And the worse: the theme-music plays all the time at my favourite radio station! ARGHTTTTTT (I kind of like the music...hehehe)

Title: Xanadu
Post by: ReesesMonkey on November 25, 2006, 04:09:49 PM
I have to disagree with you man. Ok i DO agree that it isn't Shakespeare, but, i have loved this movie ever since I can remember. It came out in 80, and i have been watching it since i was 4 years old. I guess the reason i like it personally is because i grew up with it, and when you're little it doesn't take much to dazzle you. Kids can be dazzled or scared by the cheapest of effects, and i guess that is what happened in my case. Xanadu always has had a special place in my heart (Especially for the fact that Olivia Newton John was one of the hottest women of that particular era in my humble opinion). Of course I have been accused before of having weird (read bad) taste in movies before, but oh well. Some movies like that have just stuck with me throughout the years, even when i have gotten older and found out they weren't quite as spectacular as my 4 or 5 year old mind thought they were at the time :)
But when you're young, alot of your impressions from those early times tend to stay with you long into adulthood.

Title: Xanadu
Post by: AlphaWoolf on November 25, 2006, 04:10:12 PM
Wow.  I had no idea so many people like this movie, much less had even seen it!  Yes, I was in the target audience for this film.  I saw this in the theatre during its release at the ripe old age of 13.  My brother and father skipped this and went to see "Battle Beyond the Stars" while I watched "Xanadu" alone.  They came out disappointed and I came out entranced.  Before even seeing it I was a fan of 1) ELO, 2) Greek mythology, and 3) Gene Kelly (weird kid, huh?), so the "planets aligned, so rare" were all set for me to like this movie.  Throw in OJN (wow!), cool special effects, the Tubes, and a Disney-style interlude and there's no room in my heart to criticize.  It's got Wilfrid Hyde-White as Zeus, for pete's sake!

Still, watching it as an adult I can now recognize that yes, by accepted cinematic standards "Xanadu" is what most people would consider a bad movie.  Micheal Beck is his usual awful, wooden self.  The pacing is a little slow in spots, too.  However, there are so many great musical numbers you don't have to slog far through the plot before you're uplifted by the music.  And the cast does not perform this as camp, so any such connotations viewers may make in this regard come from their own view of the material.
"Xanadu" forms one-half of my "Films other people hate, but I love, made in 1980" collection.  The other movie being "Flash Gordon".  Oh yeah!

Despite the year of its release, "Xanadu" is not really an 80's film.  It's the last hurrah of the disco 1970's.  I think the "Disco is Dead" baggage weighed heavily against this movie at that time.  That's too bad.  This movie is great escapism and one of my favorite films.

Title: Xanadu
Post by: Kelly on August 22, 2000, 03:18:22 AM
I confess -- I adore this movie!!  It's one of my guilty pleasures.  I used to own it, and I was heart-broken when it broke in my VCR (it was an original release tape, very old and very worn).  My father tried to fix it, but no dice.  I've looked high and low for another copy, but it's hard to find.  The only thing I wasn't crazy about in this movie was Michael Beck -- I mean, this chick is Zeus' daughter and she chooses HIM??  There've been some hot babes in Greek mythology and she goes for Rebel Without a Clue...go figure.  He ain't exactly the kind of guy that I would give up Mount Halycon for, if you get my drift.  He's pretty homely, and somewhat dorky.  Maybe she was slumming...  I should add that I found really only one thing completely unbelievable in this movie -- the fact that there's a huge mural of beautiful women in togas painted on the side of a building in a large city, and not one single gang member with a paint can had defaced it.  I live in Victoria, B.C., relatively small city, but I can tell you that if there was a mural like that painted downtown, in about a week there would be nipples and pubic hair painted on those women, or perhaps red eyes and fangs.  Other than that, a nice fantasy flick.  The music rocks and you don't have to think too much...I like that in a flick. :-)

Title: Xanadu
Post by: nat on November 25, 2006, 04:09:49 PM
I don't know what u r all getting so stressed about? It's just a film, completely harmless fun. Olivia looked gorgeous and the music's great. Where's the problem?

Title: Xanadu
Post by: ron on August 29, 2000, 06:35:51 PM
Awww c'mon, Xanadu wasn't that bad. Had a great soundtrack, and Olivia Newton John is the babe of all time in my book. The worst thing about this movie was enduring that stiff Michael Beck.

Title: Xanadu
Post by: on September 01, 2000, 07:01:41 PM

This flick succeeds admirably as uninentional camp, but it will have you running to the 7-11 to pick up an issue of Playgirl. If that's a scary concept to you, you'll _hate_ this movie.

Title: Xanadu
Post by: on September 11, 2000, 07:03:32 PM
All I have to say is that this movie is pretty out of it, but that's what makes it so good. The fact that it is dumb. I loved this movie as a kid and still love it today.

Title: Xanadu
Post by: Kyle on September 14, 2000, 02:33:46 AM
Love the each his own.

Title: Xanadu
Post by: Curt on September 26, 2000, 11:08:50 PM
C'mon!!! ELO did the soundtrack even. I'll be the 1st to admit that the movie was a little corny, but when you are 12 years old and you already have a crush on Olivia, seeing her skate around in those cut skirts that showed lots of leg was enough to send you thru puberty!! liked the song in the cartoon as well.

Title: Xanadu
Post by: Brett on November 25, 2006, 04:09:03 PM
Andrew, You obviously lack the one thing necessary to thourghly enjoy this movie....enough drugs.

Title: Xanadu
Post by: Paul Westbrook on November 25, 2006, 04:09:49 PM
I don't see anything bad about Xanadu. Sure, it is an overlong music video type of movie, but there have been worse films made. Besides, who at that time didn't love Olivia Newton John?

Title: Xanadu
Post by: Alex Cockell on November 25, 2006, 04:09:49 PM
The scoring of this film was also rather corny to say the least.  However, some segments only worked because of stuff being in the same key (witness The Tubes and Kelly's big-band stuff).

I gagged, however, during the Don Bluth segment, and Gene Kelly making like a pinball.

Actually... it was crap.

Title: Xanadu
Post by: Ginger on November 25, 2006, 04:09:49 PM
As a MAJOR fan, I can't really say anything else about this film that anyone else hasn't already said.  I saw this movie in the theater on it's first release when I was 6 years old because I was already an Olivia fan from Grease. Honestly though, this is a junky movie.  And I only just realized that in the past 10 years or so (and it has hurt me to come to that realization).  But here's the major point: you have to be an Olivia fan, an ELO fan, and a child of the late 70's early 80's to love this movie -plain & simple.  If you aren't all of those things, you just wouldn't get it, and you never will.  P.S (To the guy that mentioned the KISS & The Phantom Of The Park movie - you hit the nail on the head.  REALLY, REALLY bad campy 70's garbage, but to me a KISS fan also, it was pure gold.
To each his own!

Title: Xanadu
Post by: MissMoonglow on November 25, 2006, 04:09:49 PM
Come come a seventh grade girl I saw this film and bought rollar skates immediately, complete with sparkly legwarmers! As time goes by, I do see it for the laughable attempt it was, yet I still love it. However, I am embarrassed for poor old Gene Kelly. You can tell by the look on the guy's face, especially during the godawful 'pinball' sequence, that he's wishing he should have ripped up his contract before ever stooping to this. Sure Olivia taps badly, but the gal got to tap badly with GENE KELLY! How many of us can say that?? Just like the creepy Pufnstuf episodes, it's something you just had to grow up with to love. (clap-clap - HO!)

Title: Xanadu
Post by: Sandyl on November 25, 2006, 04:09:03 PM
I love Xanadu and the music of ELO and ONJ.  Great fantasy movie when you need a break from reality.

Title: Xanadu
Post by: Jamie on November 25, 2006, 04:09:49 PM
Saw it again with my fiancee the other night, after telling her it was a silly guilty pleasure of mine (I was 23 when I saw it twice in one day in 1980). It is possibly the most overdubbed American movie (what, they did the original in Cantonese??) ever made, and for a musical, is annoyingly awful in sound editing. Having said that, however, it remains a great guilty pleasure, if for nothing else than the Kelly/ONJ dance scene. Kelly pulls off the scene by being so light, carefree and unaffected that I was struck by how romantic dancing was (even if I have two left feet). The Blume cartoon is stunning for its odd placement (fish? bird?) and Beck appears to be the first anorexic male actor of the '80s when he's skating through Malibu looking for Kira/mural. Goofy effects, silly plot. But there's an exuberant energy that leaves a grin on your face. Also, knowing that ONJ seduced the young Lattanzi wasn't a bad fantasy for us fellas!

Title: Xanadu
Post by: Kirette on November 25, 2006, 04:09:03 PM
Yes-Michael Beck DOES look like ANdy Gibb. I personally find him a fox, but, there you go.
Fun movie-I have the DVD-it could have been better, and it was botched. I love musicals, but this one did have ELO and ONJ and Kelly. Long live Xanadu!

Title: Xanadu
Post by: §ÅßßņH on November 25, 2006, 04:09:49 PM
  Xanadu is probably the greatest movie ever made...the only possible exception would be a masterpiece known as KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park! I mean,c'mon! A super-fine chic magically comes out of a wall to talk some guy with a bad attitude into quitting his job,and opening a roller-skating rink where she can sing a couple of songs!!! How can you top that???

Title: Xanadu
Post by: Shayna on November 25, 2006, 04:10:12 PM
Okay, I admit it, I'm notorious for loving bad movies.  I love "Joe vs. the Volcano", "SGT. Pepper", and "Night of the Comet", but I loved "Xanadu" first!  It's NOT about some ridiculous romance or roller-skating!  It's about magic!  It's about being silly and dreamy and seeing the Tubes and a big band do a duet.  If you think of it as a string of music videos that captures the late 70's early 80's, it is the original MTV.

Title: Xanadu
Post by: Wayne on November 25, 2006, 04:10:12 PM
One of the best things about Xanadu is reading the reviews.  Yours is quite entertaining, Andrew, and pretty much right on the money.  "Maybe I'll get lucky and these two morons will skate into that huge fan."  Bwah-ha ha!!!

The intriguing thing to me about Xanadu is that despite it being a terrible movie in almost every measurable sense, I still love it.  'Course, I first saw it when I was twelve, so I guess you have to take that into account.  I can't imagine what I'd think if I saw it for the first time today!

But how many movies do you see these days which launch themselves so freely into fantasy to deliver such a simple, light-hearted message?  Hell, even kids' animated films are heavier these days!  Xanadu doesn't have a mean bone it its body, and that's gotta count for something.

Title: Xanadu
Post by: Swamprat on November 25, 2006, 04:10:12 PM
Okay...My daughter had to rent this one to see why I was ranting on this site about it. It's been 22 years since I saw this thing in its entirety. I have to admit, it's not as bad on the TV screen as it was on the movie's a lot smaller...and that's the only improvement I could find. It still SUCKS. I had forgotten many of the little snippits that are real "gems". Watch the phallic image of the fake palm tree rising up from the floor when the two boneheads go skating by. Then they skate up the fake outhouse-looking little building and float off the other side like little roller fairies in the night. I thought my daughter was going to throw up through the pinball scene...and the freaks in the clothing store...and when Livy pops up in the late-late-show on TV and talks to Sonny. My daughter and I both have a keen interest in Classical Mythology...when Zeus and Hera have their little bit at the end of the film we nearly puked in unision. The wife, of course, sat and enjoyed it...just as she had some 22 years ago when we sat in the dark holding hands watching this tripe flickering away in all its big screen glory. I did learn something new and interesting this time around. The lead dancer in the muses was Sandahl Bergman. It was her second film from what I've read since. She was a Bob Fossie dancer and went on to play mosty Amazon Blonde roles in s**t movies. She was Arnold Swartzanager's Warrior Chick in Conan the Barbarian....since then she's been appearing in 'real' crap...(I know, it's hard to believe.) I know a lot of people love this movie. There are also a lot of people who eat bugs and collect shiney objects. I personally love the film Paint Your Wagon...I know it's just as bad, if not worse, than Xanadu. It had 'real' stars who could act but couldn't sing. I know there's something perverse about Lee Marvin wandering a muddy street singing show tunes, but still I love it. I even bought the soundtrack years least I don't eat bugs. I certainly don't begrudge the people who seem to love Xanadu. I notice that most of them love it the same way I love Paint Your Wagon. They know it's crap, but it's just a helluva lotta fun to watch. I'm kinda sorry I can't feel the same way about it...for me, it still, just plain sucks.

Title: Xanadu
Post by: Lisa Ann on November 25, 2006, 04:09:49 PM
I loved this movie! It is all about fun. I liked all the animation and the colorful sets. It was creative in a 70's kinda way. The clothing and hairstyles are great! God, they sure beat the current trends of today (picture Goth and retro-slob-hippie by comparison----yuk!) I liked all the somewhat corny music. It was all for fun anyway. I also think that ONJ was absolutely gorgeous. She didn't have to act over the top slutty to be super sexy either (picture Brittney Spears, and the likes of todays youth)! Watching movies like this sure make me miss the way things were...

Title: Xanadu
Post by: Ferry on October 03, 2001, 02:08:09 PM
It is  one of the best movies i ever saw. And i think a lot of people think the same. It is a Fantsay film and the first time i saw it in 1983. And i like Olivia Newton-John very much.

Title: Xanadu
Post by: Jenn on November 25, 2006, 04:09:49 PM
I have the record framed in my room.  I have the cassette in my car.  This movie was impossibly cool to all young girls in the late 70's/early 80's.  There is no denying that.  Don't even try.  Having said that, I watch this movie now and realize, that yes, it is in fact tripe.  However, I hotly anticipate the days when movies like this (roller skating meets disco meets musical meets greek mythology meets studio 54) will be made again (oh yeah, it'll happen!).  ELO rules!

Title: Xanadu
Post by: on November 25, 2006, 04:10:12 PM
My turn.  The worse thing about the movie was Michael Beck, who read his lines like he was suffering from a terrible hang over, or he just couldn't be less interested.  

Gene Kelly...well, he's my beloved.  And, for a then 65 year old man, did a wonderful job dancing with Olivia.  That was, in my opinion, the only good part of the movie.

Sadly, even Mr. Kelly admitted to Xanadu being, "A pretty bad movie."

Title: Xanadu
Post by: Dag on November 25, 2006, 04:09:49 PM
This is one of those really crappy movies that you just can't help but love! Rather like Are You Being Served - The Movie. Hilarious stuff! BTW, I think ONJ now lives a quiet life in Byron Bay (Aust). The old bag.

Title: Xanadu
Post by: Amanda on November 25, 2006, 04:09:49 PM
I am merely 17, I wasnt around when this movie was made. And even though I was too young to understand the tragic misled style of the 80's I am old enough to know a cheesy crap movie when I see one. This movie, although it excedes the limitations on cheesiness, offers a neverseen before plot until its time. It stars one of the best dancers ever aside from Fred Astaire, and one of the most awesome singers in the world. Those of you who have to choke down some alcohol while watching this movie, get a grip, if you dont like it dont watch it and stop complaining...It was the 80's cheesiness and bland plotlines are to be expected...what the hell did you think the movie was about anyway?

Title: Xanadu
Post by: Bob on November 25, 2006, 04:09:03 PM
Well Andrew you obviously do not possess the required lack of culture to enjoy this movie.  You have my condolences that you will never enjoy the finer things in life.


Title: Xanadu
Post by: Kevin on November 25, 2006, 04:10:12 PM
Only one thing...the same dancers comment...umm they are supposed to be the same dancers...they are her sisters.

As a musician/artist I absolutely "get" the film. I don't believe in muses but I understand the frustrating artist all out of passion concept.

The two most brilliant scenes are the Gene Kelly, Olivia 1940s dance scene,(Remember the film is in the spirit of those old films, not Shakespear) and the 1940s meets 1980s rock/big band scene. Musically they are both superb.

Yes the movie has plenty of cheese but it is highly enjoyable from my point of view. Olivia's cuteness doesn't hurt either. lol.

If you want depth, watch Ben Hur. This movie never claimed to be in that genra. Just a fun time with some really great ELO songs.

Title: Xanadu
Post by: Noel on February 15, 2002, 03:41:14 PM
I have seen this movie a few times and each view is valid.  It is interesting to note however, that there must be something in it to make so many people come this site and post an opinion about the film. (me included.)

Title: Xanadu
Post by: Jym on November 25, 2006, 04:09:03 PM
Script was bad
Music was hot
Olivia was hotter
The logo and font were very cool too!  I have several movie posters.

Michael Beck should have been handed a train ticket out of Hollywood after the film for his inability to act - Andy Gibb would have been better.

Too bad the actually building burned down in 1989 - it was really cool.

Title: Xanadu
Post by: c l dufus on November 25, 2006, 04:10:12 PM
I watched this movie back in the 80's. Like every other teenager with a television set, I had a major thing for the Solid Gold dancers...several of whom were in this movie. It wasn't worth the time. Olivia "The Singing Bunny Rabbit" Newton-John and Michael Beck (who?) with the poor, unfortunate Gene "Hey, at least the check cleared the bank" Kelly...who should've known better. There wasn't enough bad beer in Milwaukee to make this piece of crud digestable.

Title: Xanadu
Post by: Swamprat on November 25, 2006, 04:10:12 PM
Yes, it's me again. I hate to point this out to all you ONJ lovers...she isn't Australian...she's English...she was just raised in Australia, just like the (uhg) BeeGees. Mel Gibson wasn't born there either, he was born in the states, his Aussie father took his sons back to KangarooLand before they turned draft age during Vietnam. I'm not picking on these people of course. (Not Mel anyway, I think he's a pretty cool guy...real goofy sense of humor.) But Scrawny ol' Livy picks her nose at stoplights just like the rest of us...and she still looks like an anorexic chicken to me...maybe she's a nice lady...I wouldn't be surprised. Both the Limeys and the Diggers are famous for being good ol' blokes, though the Brits can go off a little stuffy at times, and the Aussies are well known for getting bad-serious crazy when provoked even just a little bit...but hell! I'm an American. Every generation we write a new chapter in the book for being conceded AND bad-serious-dangerously crazy. I hope Olivia is well and happy. I wish she'd put some pounds on. I wish she had made Grease then hung up her Hollywood shoes. (Ever seen the film, "Two of a Kind"?) I wouldn't be surprised if her teeth were capped...the English are also famous for bad teeth. The Aussies are just as famous for having most of thiers knocked out. Xanadu is still bad-serious pain! It SUCKS!

Title: Xanadu
Post by: Swamprat on November 25, 2006, 04:10:12 PM
Sucks...Sucks...SUCKS. The only way this thing could've gotten worse is if Olivia Newton-John had did a striptease on roller skates. My soon to be wife at the time dragged me to see this thing...we still got married and still are married...a miracle considering the evil taint this film sloshes about. Livy couldn't act her way through a church Christmas play. GREASE managed to overcome her lack of presence but this cockroach fodder couldn't. She always was a so-so pop singer, a so-so country singer, I wonder why she couldn't at least have become a so-so actress. She's just plain awful. Add to the mix an awful Hip and Happening so-so generic pop soundtrack, Dis-uhg-co music, the then rollerskating fad, and a twerpy leading man. What were these people thinking? Gene Kelly? Why was this man inserted here? A link to a glorious past of musical fantisies...or did his aging mother need an operation? C'mon. Kelly was from another era...I didn't like those movies but they were an art form unto themselves...even a geniune artist like Kelly couldn't save this tripe. It was neat to see the old codger zipping around on skates and dancing, keeping up with the "kids", but other than the fun of seeing that old vet still doing a little strut, this film was and still is a total bore. I never found Olivia to be that beautiful. Even as a horny teenager I thought she looked like an anorexic chicken. One good sneeze and she'd snap every bone in her scrawny body. Then there she is zipping around on skates in a dark and abandoned building. The "C'mon guys! Lets put on a show!" theme drives me nuts. It sucked when Micky Rooney and Judy Garland did em that way back in the 30s and it still sucks. If a dance-musical-fantasy movie is done well I can sit through it at least once...All That Jazz is a favorite that comes to mind at the moment, I've seen it several times, good flick. Xanadu is just absolute pain. I'd rather sit through a root canal than watch this thing again. I'd love to chase after those dancing muses with a ball that would make a watchable movie! 400 pound middle aged man with bat chasing dancing glo-chicks on wheels. Michael Beck's character could paint the loddy posters for that one. This thing isn't just a bad movie...there is no catagory this dud could be dumped into without having the rest of the dreck rise up in revolt. It belongs in the bottom of an empty barrel all to itself. When I pass snippits of this thing while channel surfing through cable stations it makes me feel bad. So bad in fact I always get an urge to send Olivia Newton-John a bag of Oreos.

Title: Xanadu
Post by: Mark on July 04, 2002, 08:35:19 PM
 I would just like to say I got a kick out of this review. Its a shame this movie was so badly written. Still fun to watch tho.

Title: Xanadu
Post by: Mel on November 25, 2006, 04:09:49 PM
It's campy, it's cheesy... and it's a lot of fun for those very reasons.  Is it good?  Well... no.  It's pretty awful.  But that's the fun of it.  It's purely a guilty pleasure movie.  The music is fantastic, even if the plot and the script were awful.

I own it, and every once in a while, I pull the tape out and just kinda go back to my childhood when it was the coolest thing I'd ever seen (I was five...there were roller skates and funky glowing people in a painting wearing sundresses... come on!)

It's also a very good movie to threaten using on your boyfriend if he doesn't behave... guys whimper if you threaten to force them to watch it.

Hee hee hee...


Title: Xanadu
Post by: mike on July 23, 2002, 02:35:21 AM
I dont know what some of these people are thinking. The movie is strange but it does have O N J so its not all bad. They do say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder therefor if the person who said this line had seen this movie he or she would have gone blind.

Title: Xanadu
Post by: Sly R on November 25, 2006, 04:09:49 PM
Your review has ignored one key feature in this film: the soundtrack.  One of the greatest.  ELO's Jeff Lynne has produced some crafty stuff, but his work in the 80's got quite stale... except here.  Arguably, the Xanadu soundtrack is ELO's swan song.  And a damned pretty one.  Almost thrilling enough to make the movie good.

Title: Xanadu
Post by: Joe on November 25, 2006, 04:10:12 PM
Saw this film when it came out in the summer of '80 - it's really more of a late-70's film than an '80's flick.
A lot of fuss and promotion was made over this movie - all those cheesey songs by OLJ and ELO were all over the darn radio - the songs themselves probably made more money than the film itself.
The whole family and a couple of friends went that early Saturday evening to see it - everyone was anticipating another Grease (not that I had seen Grease - I was 13 and my parents were hit & miss when it came to taking us to the movies - we counted ourselves lucky to see this one).
I have to admit I had a little crush on Olivia back then - mostly due to this movie - so I kind of liked the film.
In fact, the next day I rode my 10-speed all the way to the theater and tried to sneak in the back door to see it again - got busted, though, and was told to go home (I obviously didn't have anything better to do that day).
My friend who lived next-door had the LP to the movie - kid named Tater - his mother bought him EVERYTHING!).
I remember waking up a little too early in the early Fall of '80 to my Mom's stupid clock-radio (my room was right next to my parents') playing "Suspended in Time".
I also remember just before the film was theatrically released the OLJ song "Magic" was played a couple of times  every hour on the radio - my and my little brother had the house to ourselves and a little too much free time as well - I remember we'd watch the Flintstones and during one episode where Barney was floating in the air, I turned the TV volume down and played the OLJ song "Magic" on the stereo (over the radio)and was so bored that I thought the song went really well with the Flintstones (never underestimate the desperation of a bored 13-year-old).
Well, many years later I purchased the DVD mainly because I like a few of the (admittedly cheesey) songs in the film, and, of course, for the nostalgia value (why else would they bother to put this movie on DVD?).
Visually that film really ain't half bad - and it can be amusing to see what passed for "cool" back then (what the heck is the deal with those freaks in that "Glitz" store? And why the heck is Gene Kelley all of a sudden inside a giant pinball machine, punching columns that then spring out with flags and sparks?).
Anyway, if you're ever thinking about getting the DVD, the sound is DD 4.0 (yes, you heard right - only four discrete channels) and the visual transfer and colors are excellent.
Of course, everyone knows that the acting....well, nobody can relaly act in this film.
However, there are an awful lot of amusing, stupid things in this movie, which really would have been a hoot on MST3K...

Title: Xanadu
Post by: Martin on November 25, 2006, 04:10:12 PM
Oh yeah, the movie is not so great, but all the film
is about those incredible sounds made by ELO and  by
Electric light orchestra /ELO/ did much more than a great
I love "don't walk away, it's alright, xanadu, all over
the world, I'am alive, you must understand those songs.
....Yeah, but those times are gone...

c.u. all
/I am european, just by the way, so forgive my imperfect
english please/.

Title: Xanadu
Post by: Dee on November 25, 2006, 04:09:49 PM
Wow . . . Xanadu this is the first movie i remember as a child.  I was a couple months old when we got the movie on vhs somehow i would manage to crawl out my crib and operate the vcr and watch this movie on my own. My family would trip out and wonder who was putting it on for me, until one day they realize it was me.  Anywayz i still have my original video which is soooooo worn out that i had to get the dvd.  But i think this movie is great yes it is a lil bit cheesy but hey there are worse films out there.  The music is awesome.  What else could you ask for in an 80's film.

Title: Xanadu
Post by: Irena on November 25, 2006, 04:10:12 PM
You clearly don't enjoy the deaththrows of the movie musical. The soundtrack was ELO it was really funky.
Olivia at least has funky peasant clothes and legwarmers over her skates. You can't beat that. My mind is forever tainted by the electric orange jump suits of the band and the band member who was the model for 'animal'. and what about the zebra skin jumpsuited dancer who bore a suspicious resemblance to Jerry Hall!. Not to mention the poor rollerskater dressed in gold that hangs herself in a tizzy at the opening ceremony. I query your "bad bits" There is much worse out there.

Title: Xanadu
Post by: Jeffrey on November 25, 2006, 04:09:49 PM
I wasn't even born when this movie originally came out, but I saw it at a very young age and have loved it ever since. It's a story about second chances, following your dreams, and above all else, love. Not to mention the Greek myth connections were cool. This is one of my favorite movies of all time. It's a little goofy, but please, name me a teen movie from the 80s that wasn't?

Title: Xanadu
Post by: Mr. Paradox, M.D. on November 25, 2006, 04:09:49 PM
Whoa.  My mother, she of little taste, loves this film... eeggh.  Gene Kelly actually left semi-retirement to make this garbage.  Three questions:

1. Who thought Michael Beck could act?
2. Who thought that roller-disco could hold up a film?
3. Who in their right mind came up with this thing?

Actually, the last question I can partially answer.  It's a remake of an old Rita Hayworth film (can't remember the name) in which she played a muse.  This is irrefutable proof of the cannibalistic nature of Hollywood.  Ugh.

Title: Xanadu
Post by: jrr on November 25, 2006, 04:09:49 PM
god help me, i have very fond memories of this one and i still plan on marrying ONJ...and you can't escape the fact that this film helped Jeff Lynne learn how to produce,  on demand, whatever the industry suits requested.  without the Xanadu soundtrack, Tom Petty would still be braying hayseed rebel anthems in front of a big, stupid confederate flag instead of crooning west coast existentialism over shuffling eighth-notes.

Title: Xanadu
Post by: Mark on November 25, 2006, 04:10:12 PM
I just saw Xanadu for the first time in about 17 years - it was great!  I was 10 years old when it was released, and boy, the memories came rushing back.  I truly didn't want Kira to leave Sonny - I remember when I was a kid thinking, "If I just watch it one more time, she won't leave!"

I will agree that the dialogue is often mind-numbing, but luckily, there's lots of wonderful music - that's really what was special about this movie.  And I have to say that I was touched by the simplicity of a guy falling in love with a girl who just seemed to fall into his life, who then disappears just as quickly.  

If you can suspend reality for awhile and you can't get enough of Olivia, you shouldn't miss this movie.

Title: Xanadu
Post by: Canadaphile on November 26, 2002, 08:33:05 PM
Great soundtrack, crappy movie.  I loved it when I was thirteen though--in those pre-MTV days, it looked pretty cool.  My sister and I actually dressed up like Xanadu muses that Halloween and won best costume at the local church Halloween party.  My father delights in tormenting us with those pictures ...

Title: Xanadu
Post by: Doug Scott on November 25, 2006, 04:09:49 PM
I'm gonna have to confess that I, too, developed a crush on Olivia Newton-John because of Xanadu. I'm actually relieved to see so many others here acknowledge this cause I got the *hell* teased out of me in high school.
So, while looking back on it, I admit that it's really a god-awful film (except for the music), I'll always have a soft spot for it.

Title: Xanadu
Post by: Heather C. Marsh on November 25, 2006, 04:10:12 PM
Xanadu will always remain close to my heart.  My Mother & Grandmother took me to see it upon its theatrical release when I was seven.  I was already a fan, as my parents had Olivia Newton-John's "Greatest Hits" on 8-track cassette as well as the "Grease Soundtrack" but seeing her on the big screen like that, looking absolutely luminous, I was mesmerized and transfixed throughout the entire film.  She completely owned my heart...and to this day I am a HUGE fan.  I've seen her twice in concert and while I have to admit, acting is not her strong point, her voice still gives me goosebumps like no other.  

Xanadu = Happy childhood memories

Title: Xanadu
Post by: on November 25, 2006, 04:10:12 PM
A few unrelated thoughts on Xanadu.

1:23 minutes in--Only a muse played by Olivia Newton-John can be invoked by chanting "Ho" over and over again.

1:14--Sonny:  "Hey Zeus."  Zeus:  Si?  (Hey Zeus, sounds like Jesus in spanish.  Eh, nevermind.  Dumb joke).

Plus Shabba Doo is an extra dancer in a zoot suit in the final sequence.  What more can you ask for?

Title: Xanadu
Post by: Malarky on November 25, 2006, 04:09:49 PM

The guy who plays the love interest of Olivia Newton-John also starred in the late 70's movie The Warriors.  He is quoted as saying that The Warriors opened a lot of doors for him, and Xanadu closed them all up again.

Title: Xanadu
Post by: hesalwysnmyhair on November 25, 2006, 04:10:12 PM
Ohmigosh!!!  This has got to be my number two favorite movie...right behind the great Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band!!!  Yes, I love corny-lovey-musicals, please give me more rollerskates, more mopeds, and of course, more Blue Auras!!!  How could you hate such wonderful music, classics like Suddenly and of course Xanadu, I hope my daughter will follow in my footsteps, and like this 80's type of "bad movie" instead of the "bad movies" we have these days!!

Title: Xanadu
Post by: Government Cheese on August 27, 2003, 02:44:18 PM
 I think there are a few great crimes of the twentieth century. The fact that this movie was the great Gene Kelly’s swan song is one of them. I can only equate to Bob Fosse passing away right after choreographing “From Justin to Kelly”.

Title: Xanadu
Post by: Nathanial Meade on November 25, 2006, 04:09:49 PM
I heard that the Vietcong used to show this movie to P.O.W.'s. Hell, this movie does make communism seem like the better system.

Title: Xanadu
Post by: lisa on November 25, 2006, 04:09:49 PM
If it wasn't for me being an Olivia fan I wouldn't have bothered checking out this film, I like the musical numbers, if you enjoy the music it's good like a long music video.  As Swamprat mentioned, Olivia IS British, she lived in England from birth to 5yrs old, then moved to Australia, returned to England at about 16yrs old and stayed for about 11 years more before moving to the States after her friend advised her to.  She used to have more of a British accent, I don't know what sounds more like now. She feels more Australian because that's where she most remembers growing up of course.  Oh by the way, Swamprat, Olivia has put on more weight.  I guess Xanadu was targeted at very young women and girls... and also the guys who just wanted to watch Olivia.

Title: Xanadu
Post by: Nikki on November 25, 2006, 04:09:49 PM
Love the movie! Even had it special ordered on DVD from Best Buy because I couldn't find it anywhere else!

One thing though... Michael Beck sucked ASS.
My friends & I think the director lost a bet to Beck's father, and that's why he was cast.

Title: Xanadu
Post by: Carl on November 25, 2006, 04:09:49 PM
One of the great mysteries of can such a incredibly cheesy movie have such an excellent soundtrack?  It's probably the best thing about it.  

Well, the ELO songs, anyway.  Although, Olivia doesn't do that bad of a job, herself.

Title: Xanadu
Post by: R on November 25, 2006, 04:09:49 PM
If not for this movie, Chloe Lattanzi wouldn't be here!  She is soon to release her first cd, Lonely Nights in Paradise, and her parents (Matt Lattanzi and Olivia Newton-John) met on the set.  That's one extremely cool thing going for it.

Best of all, it has Olivia Newton-John delivering great acting and great music!!

Gene, Olivia, and all are fantastic.  The skating is fun.  I was only a year old (not even) when it was released, but I have loved it on video for years.

TEN STARS!  Fantastic movie!

Title: Xanadu
Post by: Danny on November 25, 2006, 04:10:12 PM
There was some talk about Xanadu being re-written as a Broadway musical, with John Farrar doing the re-write. Has anyone else heard about this??? Olivia even mentioned it in an interview late in 2004.
"Xanadu Live" did have a limited run in L.A. a couple of years ago, however, this Broadway verseion was to have been a big budget version...
Anyway, back to the original film! Every time I have a few too many drinks and have friends around, the Xanadu DVD comes out for a laugh... now you can't beat a good laugh! (& the music IS pretty darn great!)

Title: Xanadu
Post by: Ron on November 25, 2006, 04:09:49 PM
Erg...back when I was a sprout, my younger sister worshipped Olivia Newton John. My mom would drop us off at the Saturday matinee, where such delicious fare as Abbott&Costello and/or jason and the Argonauts would play all day. Did I get to see Bud&Lou run from Dracula or Martians? Did I get to see Talos crush Greeks and Jason skewer a hydra? No.
I got to sit with my sister through Xanadu something like 20 times. I would sneak off after and see cool movies, but never without having to watch ONJ skate,skate,skate...damn it. I had forgot the horror, but now it returns. Man, now I'm having bad flashbacks about Sgt Pepper,too... Damn it!

Title: Xanadu
Post by: Posiedon on August 16, 2004, 10:03:55 PM
One good thing from this movie: people now know why I sunk Atlantis.

Title: Xanadu
Post by: johnpenn on November 25, 2006, 04:09:49 PM
On long drives me and my sister will sing together through the whole movie.  There comes a point when a movie (what I call) 'crosses over'.  Then it doesn't matter what you think about it.    

'Xanadu' is like a benign tumor grown together with my soul.  It won't hurt me but it can't be removed.

I loved when the muses in the mural started coming to life.

I'm hopeless.  

Title: Xanadu
Post by: Scorch on November 25, 2006, 04:09:49 PM
Silly movie but entertaining anyways and what happened to her accent now? It's like she lost so much of it. Now she talks like a barelyBritish American\\Australian muse. That stronger British accent she had was one of the most charming things about her in Xanadu and Grease and other things she's done before the middle 1980's. I miss her recognisable accent, dammit! There, I feel a bit betta now.

Title: Xanadu
Post by: Kelly on November 25, 2006, 04:10:12 PM
Is it just me or did anyone else have a hard time believing the love story in Xanadu?  Every time Olivia Newton-John has to kiss Michael Beck she has this expression on her face like she's thinking "I think I just threw up a little bit in my mouth."  No wonder she's always running away from him in nearly every scene.  She's not trying to be coy, she's just trying not to lose an eye from that gigantic schnozz of his.  

Speaking of his schnozz, you can't deny it's huge.  I mean, even as a fish and a bird he had a massive nose.  Score one to Don Bluth for that. If you listen really closely you can hear Gene Kelly insult his nose in the bandstand scene.

Danny:  Things are bigger now.  ANd this place--WHOO--sure is big....just like your schnozz.

Okay, so the "just like your schnozz" bit I made up, but you can't deny there were clear implications there.

Title: Xanadu
Post by: Blue Leopard on November 25, 2006, 04:09:49 PM
Gods... I remember this came out where I lived the same week my sister was born. My Mom and sis were still in the hospital (C-section) and Dad took me to the movies & McD's because we were bored and hungry at home. That's the best I can say about this film, although the animated segment was pretty well done.

P.S. Swamprat, I almost fell off my chair from laughing so hard at your first review... and the second and third. And if your marriage has survived this, it will survive *anything*...

Title: Xanadu
Post by: Arm Commander on November 25, 2006, 04:09:49 PM
Run! It's the tormenting Xanadu Monster! Only I and the Marauders are strong enough to put this monster to rest! Give me the D-Gun, boys!

It's time for some unsettled score to finish!

Title: Xanadu
Post by: Tys Miha on November 25, 2006, 04:10:12 PM
 You missed a "something to watch for"... at 14 minutes Sonny actually jumps the shark with his moped. At least I think theres a shark down there, but I'm guessing they had to edit it out because it wouldn't sign a release once it got a look at the script.

Title: Xanadu
Post by: hutter on November 25, 2006, 04:09:49 PM
Thank God this move was made. I used to have a terrible time with insomnia, but now all it takes to fall asleep in 5-9 minutes is to pop this bad boy in. I'm not making this up as a joke, I really play this glitter encrusted turd when I can't fall asleep. Another good thing about Xanadu, its easier to stomach than NyQuil.

Title: Xanadu
Post by: Todd` on September 27, 2006, 04:08:08 PM
“I love the film”! Aside from that I guess I nothing ells is worth going on about. I was young when I saw the flick for the first time and a lot messed up. I came from the classic hell home. Child rape, Child abuse Drugs and alcohol. The only release from my home life was the movies and when I saw this movie film fort the first time, I was hook! I felt what I wanted in a love relationship and more importantly, what happiness was supposed to be like. So maybe it was a little corny and Mr. Beck is a bad actor. The movie made me happy and wasn’t that what it was supposed to do?

Title: Xanadu
Post by: Benny JR Ewing on November 25, 2006, 04:09:49 PM
I STILL Love this movie! It's so great, is there a sequel? And, No, I am NOT kidding you!

Title: Xanadu
Post by: coxis on November 25, 2006, 04:10:12 PM
I love this movie!
No matter how bad it is.
I saw it when it was released in the early 80s with my mother and I fell in love with Olivia Newton-John. I adored her dance routines and the final scenes with the big X appearing to change each dancing scene...
And the special effects, so cheesy
I love Xanadu. I bought the VHS first and then the DVD and also the soundtrack.
"Suspend me in time..."

Title: Xanadu
Post by: Ashley on November 25, 2006, 04:10:12 PM
Next to Flash Gordon, this is one of my all-time favorite guilty pleasures.  Although, now that I am 35 yrs. old I don't think I need to feel "guilty" anymore.  I too saw this in the theater when it first ran in 1980.  I seem to remember Buck Rogers playing at the same theater.  You knew right from the opening titles, where the plane revolves the globe and evolves into a spaceship, that you were in for a special ride. I thought Olivia Newton-John was a dream on roller skates.  When the muses came out of the wall dancing to I'm Alive by ELO I just about wet my pants.  I immediately wanted to become a dancer and just keep on turning and spinning.  Gene Kelly has a wonderful presence in this film.  For him I am sorry this movie had to be the last film showing him dancing.  For me I think it's very cool.  I only wish ONJ had been a better dance partner for him.  I think he was still up for a more complicated routine than the one shown.  Speaking of her about when she slowly puts one arm over her head at a time near the end of the film, and then repeats it stiffly.  That always makes me giggle.  Oh, and what about the Victor/Victoria outfit, complete with headdress, she wears for like a minute when things get all "futuristic" during the final number?  I believe Victor/Victoria came out in 1981, hmm. However, I always thought she looked super hot in the "bad girl gone savage" number near the end.  You know the one where she wears some sort of plastic leopard print outfit.  There are so many wonderful and crazy things going on in this movie I can even over-look Michael Beck's performance.  Xanadu Forever!

Title: Xanadu
Post by: Virginia Plane on June 09, 2006, 04:13:58 PM
   The only good thing about this movie is a couple of the songs, I did always like ELO and the Tubes. (Even got to see the Tubes live once!) Other than that, ugggggggggh. I was hoping Michael Beck was going to get hurt when he deliberately crashed into the brick wall on his skates but no such luck. Oblivious Newton John always got on my nerves even when she was popular, and I just felt sorry for Gene having to be in this nonsense.

Title: Re: Xanadu
Post by: Kira kid on February 15, 2007, 04:55:41 PM

DUDE -  for someone who HATED this flick... you sure put a HELLA bunch of effort into putting this all together.....


I've been a die hard, albiet ashamed..., lol- fan since a teen.... and i just got MORE stuff from HERE than in a buncha years elsewhere....!!!!!


But really..., all the stuff u say to watch for and point as faults....  IT'S A MUSICAL, man.... It's like taking a deadly serious take on a slapstick comedy......

Title: Re: Xanadu
Post by: Torgo on February 22, 2007, 11:50:48 PM
Call me weird, but I've always thought that Olivia was kind of hot in this movie.

It's still terrible though!   :tongueout:  :teddyr:

Title: Re: Xanadu
Post by: quabrot on February 26, 2007, 05:02:38 AM
I'm a huge ELO fan, so the movie worked for me there.  And the crazy transitions.... (How about this time, we shatter the screen into a million little pieces!)

Title: Re: Xanadu
Post by: RCMerchant on February 26, 2007, 09:20:30 PM

Title: Re: Xanadu
Post by: amabush on March 14, 2007, 03:33:02 PM
The bit I hate is at the very end, where the ghastly wooden faced leading man starts to chat up the hat check girl, just because she looks like 'Kira'. Just goes to show how little he thoughtv of her personality and how much he thought about her looks.. Jeff Lynne's songs are GREAT though

Title: Re: Xanadu
Post by: Andoc on October 18, 2007, 09:45:20 AM
Oh God.... Xanadu (weirdest name for a musical?). Well, I'll begin by saying I consider this movie fit to use as torture on those people you despise the most, or perhaps as anice way to traumatize little children. I remember watching this on video with a few friends back in high school, we were all wondering what the hell this thing was, or if we had to be smoking pot or something to enjoy it.

Lastly, I have to say that the final musical number inside Xanadu where everyone (even Gene Kelly, WTH?) dances with roller skates and there's this weird bunch of girls hanging from ropes and spinning and cowgirls and other crap is probably among the trippiest things I've ever seen in a movie.

Title: Re: Xanadu
Post by: Susan on October 18, 2007, 06:28:38 PM
i may as well add my contribution. I loved the movie growing up - watchability factor now? Dunno, I think it woulld be fun. Bad acting, stupid plot, but seriously it was eye candy. Costumes and theatrics that maybe only a girl or very musical loving man could love.

But - the soundtrack is awesome. I love the combination of swing and rock in some of the songs. and I LOVE ELO

so there

Title: Re: Xanadu
Post by: Spence on May 23, 2008, 12:06:52 AM
Okay. I think your site is pretty solid. But THIS movie is one of my favorites. Also, alot of people would agree with me. HOWEVER! I must say that the guy who played Sonny was the worst actor I've ever seen on the screen. Did you see his reaction when Kiera scared him? There was, like, no facial change. Wierd. ANYWAY!!! The music in this by ELO and Olivia does't go with what's happening on-screen the best, but it's still CLASSIC, GREAT music (if you like disco, especially)! Also there's great acting by Olivia and Gene. Sonny guy SUX. I get it.

Title: Re: Xanadu
Post by: Sarah on March 11, 2009, 10:20:53 PM
I have a friend who is obsessed with this movie and he makes all of his friends watch it every year on his birthday.  We usually just try to get blackout drunk in order to make it less painfull.....

Title: Re: Xanadu
Post by: Lex on December 18, 2009, 06:05:40 AM
This movie has all the makings of failure. Disco? Come on! By 1980 the thing was dying... It doesn't help that the thing has aged poorly. Yeesh! The overall quality of this movie is just one of disaster.

Well guess what? This movie is awesome! Bad quality does not mean a movie can't be entertaining and Xanadu was one of the most entertaining movies of all time. One drop? You sir are wrong...

Title: Re: Xanadu
Post by: Tosh on February 27, 2010, 08:46:35 PM
I have to say Thank you for that review! I saw this in the theatre when it was released and Until now I hadn't realized the movie had a plot! I jst thought they'd strung a bunch of dancing scenes together and Gene Kelly moments and sent it out...

Title: Re: Xanadu
Post by: Ramsey138 on April 06, 2011, 01:54:37 AM
I've seen this movie about three times, all late night HBO or Cinemax... it's great for that... and I for one like the film, even though it's bad. It seems to mark that magical moment in pop culture where disco is falling out the door and new wave is stumbling on to the scene. The great rock band was the absolute worst! But something that made this movie awesome was spotting Sandahl Bergman from Conan the Barbarian and Red Sonja as one of the Muses.

If Olivia isn't worth the watch, Sandahl's graceful moves (and hot bod) certainly are for at least a few glimpses!

Title: Re: Xanadu
Post by: Trevor on July 24, 2013, 08:51:35 AM
•  73 mins - Dude, skate through the wall, it'll work! Do it! Yes, build up speed, go, go! What the heck, that worked? Gads I hate this film.
•  90 mins - Olivia Newton John is singing country, everything going black, mommy..

 :bouncegiggle: :bouncegiggle: :bouncegiggle:

Aww, man: I needed that laugh at the end of a long day - thanks, Andrew!

Title: Re: Xanadu
Post by: DeanM on October 20, 2013, 07:41:16 PM
My sister and I grew up watching this film repeatedly. The main story, when broken down into basics, could have been a contender for the Oscars. Starving artist finds himself between rock and hard place. Terpsichore comes down from Olympus and helps him find a way out. Starving artist's work inspires many people and changes the world, if only a little. Everyone is happy, the end.

Sadly, this was one of those productions that was doomed from the get-go. One of the director's most important jobs is to make sure that everyone working under him has the same idea of the film they are making. Not only did this not happen, but it is pretty clear that no one consistent idea of what the film was about ever prevailed. Even during the climactic sequence, one cannot help but believe the director just sighed and said "yeah throw that s**t in there, we will fix it in editing".

As other writers have pointed out, it also helps when you base any part of your story on preexisting concepts, you best research the hell out of them. Say what you will about Michael Beck, he is the only one in the conversation with Zeus who escapes without saying things so insufferably stupid it makes one wonder if thousands of years of civilisation are coming to an end. Given the rest of the dialogue that Beck is saddled with in this film, that is worrying.

I also fail to "get" the hate for Michael Beck. He is no John Malkovich, granted (remake this film with Malkovich, yair!). But aside from Gene Kelly and James Sloyan, he is about the only person in this film who rises above his material. Given that he has to bear all of the weight of a very childishly-written protagonist, I think his ability is given evidence by the fact that the audience still follows his insane quest to open a roller-disco after the opening act.

Olivia Newton-John, dear Odin... she was so very, very wrong for her part. Granted, lead actresses who could dance were not in great supply, but they could have at least hired someone who knows how to act.