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Title: My Review of "The Dead Next Door"
Post by: Greg Arden on January 22, 2007, 10:34:52 PM
"The Dead Next Door"
1 hour 24 minutes

Raimi--Our hero!;  Blessed with the magical, mystical, sensual voice of Bruce Campbell, he tries his best to save the world from the maniacal undead, and the even crazier living.  Ends up as an entree for a zombie.
Dr. Moulsson--He was another one of our heros, but ends up whizzing it all down his leg.  Wears a really dumb puffy hat for most of the movie.  His future ends up in zombie turds.
Mercer--A strapping young lad who strappingly becomes a zombie, and, subsequently, the good Doc's test subject.
Kuller--Our heroine!;  Blessed with one helluva head of hair, she almost makes it to the end!  Almost.
Reverend Jones--Our villian!;  Using what he learned from another Reverend Jones (hint-hint), he makes life tough for our heroes.  Helps scratch several zombie's tummys from the inside.
Captain Kline--I guess you could call him our sub-hero!;  Gets a machete to the shoulder from our god-fearing friend, Vincent.
Dr. Franklin--A man with enough ethics to save the world, but just not enough will power.  You can guess what intestinal tracts he's now occupying.
Vincent--A man who loves God and his Angels (when they come in the form of zombies);  Gets one too many shots from a shotgun.  Ends up zombie chow after death.

Upon seeing the film-quality of this movie, I came to a turning point.  Keep going and risk another "Feeders 2:  Slay Bells", or gerd my loins and continue courageously on.  As you can see by this review, I chose the latter.  And I tell you all right now, I did not regret this decision.

At the start of the film, we find a Dr. Bow with his daughter, Anna.  Apparently, the good Reverend Jones doesn't appreciate the fact that, before the film began, Bow's been trying to stop a world-wide invasion of zombies.  Cut to several years later:  Dr. Bow was not successful, and the world as we know it has been put into a distinct state of undeath.  The government has created a task-force to counter-act the epidemic;  Known as the Zombie Squad, their gift is killing zombies, and gee-whilikers they do it well.  However, some news has come to shatter their ranks.  After losing one of their own in one of the funniest and coolest parts of the movie, it is discovered that Dr. Bow had created a vaccine of sorts, and that the recipe is still in his house.  They are thusly given the task to travel to his house, and get the recipe.

Things, however, quickly get out of hand (if this phrase could ever be used when discussing the apocalypse) when the Squad discovers that Reverend Jones and his cult have been practically worshiping the zombies (they believe that the zombies are God's way of judging the masses(!!!)).  Naturally, Jones doesn't appreciate the slaughter of their 'angels', and they retaliate accordingly.

This movie is amazing.  It is one of the few zombie movies of the past that have a pretty good sense of humor, and has some pretty good special effects to match.  It will take some repeated viewings in order to find some of the jokes, but they're there!  Oh, and if the special features of the DVD are accurate, Sam Raimi DID NOT sponsor this movie!

4 out of 5