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Post by: The Burgomaster on July 07, 2007, 01:50:39 PM
Here's another silly movie you can find in the CHILLING CLASSICS 50 MOVIE PACK.

In this Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde rip-off, a college professor learns that the funding for his DNA research is about to be cut off due to lack of results.  He decides to use himself as a human guinea pig and injects himself in the eye with an anti-aging serum.  The serum causes him to develop a split personality.  His second personality is hostile, leading to several murders.  He also begins to age rapidly (I guess the damned serum didn't work!) and eventually turns into a man-sized lizard monster that looks like the gekko on the "Geico" insurance commercials.


The only way to enjoy this movie is as a comedy (and even then it isn't very enjoyable). 

Best lesson I learned from this movie:

* Leaving a bottle of experimental serum on the fireplace mantle where your preschool-aged son can get his hands on it is a sign of bad parenting.

The stench is still seeping out from my DVD player . . .