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Title: Evil Dead: The Musical Soundtrack
Post by: Fausto on July 25, 2007, 12:00:42 PM
Usually, you wouldnt think that the type of people who would be into horror movies, especially those like the Evil Dead franchise, would be into musicals, or even be able to sit through one. However, the popularity of Black Comedy/Horror musicals (such as Rocky Horror, Little Shop of Horrors, Reefer Madness, and others) seems to suggest otherwise.
After seeing some clips of the Evil Dead stage show on youtube, I knew I had to get a copy of the soundtrack (that being as close as I'll probably get to the stage show, unless they turn it into a movie). The songs are really funny and enjoyable. Tracks worth noting:

1. Book of the Dead - The opening narration from the movie, kept in the show

3. Stupid B**** - One unhappy camper goes off on another

8. What the F*** was that? - Ash and Scott question what has become of their girlfriends.

10. Good old reliable Jake - Jake lists his many positive attributes to song, making many pop culture references

16. Bit Part Demon - One of the background monsters comes forward and laments not being noticed by the audience

18. All the men in my life keep getting killed (by canderian demons) - Annie describes her past relationship woes since finding the book of the dead

21. Do the Necronomicon - The spawn of hell pay homage to the black book...with a new dance craze

23. We will never die - The evil hoardes gang up on Ash