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Title: "American Horror Story" on FX
Post by: FatFreddysCat on October 06, 2011, 09:48:58 AM
Anybody catch the premiere episode of this new horror show last night? I'm not quite sure what to think yet, there was way too damn much going on at once. At the moment it feels like "The Amityville Horror" if it had been directed by David Cronenberg.  

In a nutshell, Dylan McDermott and his dysfunctional family (his wife is still recovering from a miscarriage, his daughter is a "cutter" and he was caught in mid-coitus with a student by his wife) have moved into a grand old mansion in L.A. to try and start over. Of course, there's something evil and funky already occupying said house, but we don't know quite what it is yet.

Jessica Lange is a hoot as the bizarre next door neighbor though. When she referred to her grown-up daughter (who has Down's Syndrome) as "the mongoloid," I was like "Ohhhhh man, that is soooooo wrong." Haha.

I really didn't need to see Dylan McDermott spankin' off either. That just seemed really out of place, as if they were saying "Wow! Look how edgy this show is going to be!"

Title: Re: "American Horror Story" on FX
Post by: Zarcal-TB on October 07, 2011, 05:24:02 PM
I liked it. Yes it was over the top sometimes but still pretty enjoyable. Jessica Lange is exceptional and the 'Don't make me kill you again' scene pretty much assures i will watch next week.