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Title: Creativity
Post by: ulthar on July 07, 2013, 08:06:45 AM
I recently took the jump into the creative side of a field I've always wondered if I had it in me to do.  Right off the bat, I got some wonderful encouragement from movers and shakers, and one of the big take-home lessons I tried to really hear early on is....don't be afraid to take chances.  I've been thinking a LOT about creativity lately and what constitutes "creating."

Here's a youtube video I watched this morning.  It's longish at 30 minutes, but worth every second.

This lady is right on the money, very creative and insanely insightful.

Title: Re: Creativity
Post by: zombiechow on February 11, 2016, 10:22:26 PM
Creating a clear narrative is the hard part as far as I'm concerned. Getting the crew to see what you're going for-- or at least to give you what you need to get the story created and shown to the audience.

What fascinates me about NOVELS is how much of the setting is just filled in by the reader's mind.. film doesn't give you that kind of cheat. But film lets you allude to a wider setting and deeper characters with just a moment. In film, you can show a connection between characters by holding on a look that's exchanged for an extra second. And by showing that connection, your viewers share in the connection.

Makes me geek out.