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Title: Godzilla vs. Biolante.
Post by: Svengoolie 3 on June 10, 2019, 10:14:44 PM
This is a woefully underappreciated godzilla movie which is a pity. It's unique in many ways.

It's the first godzilla movie to be a direct sequel to the one before it.  GvB is a direct sequel to Godzilla 1985. In fact it starts  up right after the battle between godzilla and the super x aircraft that nearly killed him in G1985. A fragment of godzilla's skin is found in the remains of  toyko which sets off a chain of events that leads to godzilla fighting a monster that is a combination of his DNA, a rose (I kid you not!)  and a human soul. (Again,  no kidding).

It's also a godzilla with a dense plot. Until shin godzilla came along, this may have had the densest plot of any godzilla movie and the most scientific discussion in it. Basically, the retrieval of a piece of godzilla's tissue lead to a race to utilize,  or weaponize, godzilla's DNA.

A middle eastern nation wants to use godzilla's DNA to produce food crops that can't be killed by drought, locusts, disease,  etc. Ok that seems like a decent idea until you wonder how you'd  harvest an unkillabe plant crop and do you really want humans eating things made with godzilla's DNA? I'm not opposed to GMO crops in general and think they are a good idea usually,  but godzilla's DNA?  Yeah... NO!

Later someone wants to use godzilla's DNA to create a bacteria that can eat nuclear material,  using it to destroy nuclear waste and clean up nuclear disasters.  Ok,  decent idea if godzilla can consume radiation, and his DNA can be squenced to isolate this ability. So far some intelligent ideas.

Now someone wants to  steal the nuclear eating bacteria and sell it to the highest bidder to allow one country to destroy the nuclear arsenal of other nations and become the world's only  nuclear armed state.  Ok, so we have a good idea and some evil people decide to fxxx it up out of greed.  Not a new godzilla movie plotline but one that makes sense here.

So an evil assassin attacks the  lab of  the scientist working in hybridizing godzilla's DNA.  He steals some stuff and sets off a bomb that kills the scientists daughter who was working on hybridizing godzilla's DNA with a rosebush to test the hybridizing process. Her blood is splattered on the rosebush she was experimenting on.

Godzilla finally emerges from the volcano he was lured into at the end of G1985 and ends up confronting a monster larger than him who is part godzilla DNA, part rose and is driven by the soul of the scientists daughter which is trapped in it somehow. The monster, the titular biolante, is quite impressive once it reaches it's final form. The man who designed it had a job as a dentist,  and it shows in his work.

A new super X jet is built to kill godzilla since the first nearly did and would have if not for those damn dirty russian bastards. Rather than the cadmium missiles that worked last time this new one uses a mirror meant to throw godzilla's heat ray back at him.  Godzilla survives the attack but gets 7 years bad luck.

They decide to try the anti nuclear bacteria to kill the big green guy by consuming his internal radiation supply,  but godzilla's cold blooded and bacteria,  or this one, doesn't do too well in cold temperatures.

Wow,  that's a lotta plot for a godzilla movie,  isn't it? And there's more.

All in all GvB is a pretty good 80's godzilla movie, a fairly intelligent plot for a godzilla movie,  one that is consistent with the godzilla universe and makes some sense in the setting.  Studying and using godzilla's DNA would be natural in such a world.

Plus the cherry on top,  NO XXXXING KENNY!!!

If you haven't seen GvB yet you're missing a jewel in the godzilla series.