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Alien Prey

Started by, November 03, 1998, 05:45:15 AM

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This was definitely one of the most atrocious movies I have ever seen. Truth be told even the lesbian love scenes did little to slow the tide of excrement that flooded my eyes. Although I had to take my hat off to the alien's pricy transformation sequences.. Industrial Light and Magic could learn a thing or two.


I have never seen this movie but after seeing that
truly horrible clip of the slow motion drowing I
doubt I ever will. Woowee,that short clip was like
having teeth pulled. BTW, Excellent and Funny
site. Keep up the good work, La

Matt Monico

Finally, a smart ass that's seen all the worst
movies recorded on film.  But i understand the
lesbo thing, after all my sister is one, and she
has dedicated her life to bounty hunting all
those lesbian killing aliens!!!!!


Alien Prey was the single worst piece of trash filf I've ever seen.  However, I applaud Anderson for finally eating those sniveling little hoes that he lived with.

Hey, dude, this movie has my favorite B movie actress, Glory Annen (AKA Jessica) in it!  And she's all nekkid and gettin' it on wit other chicks and stuff!  Ya gotta luv that!  I wonder whatever happened to Glory?  She disappeared from the old acting world after a few movies...too bad...she was cute in my opinion...


My dad rented this about 5 years ago when my mom was out of town. Much to his surprise his grownup kids (me & my sister) showed up to watch it with him. We were all pretty uncomfortable by the time it was over.


This film is all time British classic, for me its up there with XTRO and INSEMINOID (also from Norman J. Warren).
To any potential viewers, don't be put off by the slightly wooden performances - The near intellectual screenplay more than makes up for this, touching subtly as it does on such topics as mans inhumanity to man, social alienation, sexual and gender issues and why men should never wear make-up!

*Note: Barry Stokes also appears in
"The Ups and Downs of a Handy Man" (1976)


Takeoff of a movie called The Fox -  with Keir Dullea (2001 a space odyssey), based on a D. H Lawrence novel, down to the 2 lesbian lovers and the mysterious stranger who drops  by.


Horrible piece of filmaking. Should belong up there with Plan 9 From Outer Space, but it really doesn't. Plan 9 was at least entertaining in a funny film type way, but Alien Prey is just plain bad. It's just absolute trash.

Rabid Ryan

Oh, this one is bad. There is bad, than there is REALLY bad. Saw this one several years ago, my video store actually has a copy (maybe a collectors item someday). The box cover looks cool.......but the movie itself, horrible!!

Kinese in Belize

Yes!  Thank you for this site!  Alien Prey is THE best bad movie of all time.  Period.  We rented this movie at least 20 times (back in the day), and laughed so hard we had to constantly rewind, so that we didn't miss parts we wanted to laugh at.  Unbelievable indiculousness.  Our friend based his make or break English project on the "water scene", and failed the class.  That scene does not make scence to this day.  Yikes!  IMHO, I think that the director tried to make a serious movie and, at the end, threw in the towel, and produced the water scene.  Maybe this was an excuse for the rest of movie, as in "we weren't trying to be serious at all".  Anyway, kudos for the results;  If you're going to be bad, be the WORST.   Barry Stokes rocks!


Aargh!!! The worst movie I've ever seen!! Bad acting and effects. Alien with makeup? Hmm... Who would win the Alien from Alien movies or the alien from Alien Prey? Hmmm... Norman J. Warren's Bloody New Year is awful too! Plan 9 is much better than this!

Brother Ragnarok

Once again, the Brotherhood jumps in to champion the movies everyone else hates.  Anders is a Friend to the Brotherhood, and Alien Prey rocked my hairy anus.


This must be one of the best sci-fi movies of all times.
The special effects are specialy developed to look normal
but make no mistakes,these are high quality effects for its time.
Then we have the acting; Barry Stokes steals the show with a performance were actors like Sean Connery can learn from.
Especialy the drowning scene and the "fox catch" are of a high class!!
The story will melt you away, there are scenes of incredible romance,and scenes with excitement to the edge.
It has a climax when the fox has been catched and a wild party is starting in the lesbians' house.
It's obvious that Anders AKA Kator isn't a vegetarian,he only likes meat with protein. It's hard to tell at first, but if you look carefully you will notice that Anders eats the animals and that he refuses to eat vegetables and to drink tea.
Norman J. Warren shows again that he's able to create a movie that inspires other directors and actors to level this piece of art.
greetings, a great fan of legendary movies.


I'm one of the few people who actually likes this movie. It's not "slow"; it's called building tension. Joe turns out to be as much a monster as the alien. It's not supposed to be wall to wall blood sex and guts galore (not that there's anything wrong with that stuff). Guys if you want lipstick lesbians why not just go back your porn collection? Don't judge a movie on the basis of something it wasn't even trying to be.