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Alien Prey

Started by, November 03, 1998, 05:45:15 AM

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sjors onneweer

I'm very disappionted that ther're so many poeple how think that Alien prey is a bad movie. It's really a masterpiece! We have bought it on a rummage sale, and then ower lives changed. When we had seen this movie for a couple times it even was better then the first time. We've even organized some Prey evnings. We invided some frends and famaly and played the movie. unfortunatly not al of the quests did understand the movie, but you'd call it that it  was a success.I agree that the best scene is the water-scene, the slowmotion is superb. It's the best movie I ever have seen.

Sjors Onneweer
The Netherlands


This is one of my all time favorite B grade movies.  I even own a copy!  It has everything!  Including lesbians!  UM, lesbians.

Mikey Misconduct

Alot of it made me laugh, but I think this is one of those "good" bad movies. The cover art amkes you think it'll be some fuclified gore-fest, but still, this was entertaining as all hell. Go rent it and laugh yourself silly.


 Yeah I unfortunatly saw it. It sucked, it really sucked, even the lesbians couldn't even save it.

Arm Commander

KILL IT!!! KILL IT NOW!!! This movie has to be salvaged to the pit of the Inferno before it's too late! It is the Great Evil... and as an Slayer of Evil, you must send Alien Prey to hell where it belongs, and hope it won't emerge from here!


I've never seen this film, but the soundbytes on the review are frickin' hilarious. I especially love the line "This is MY HOUSE, REMEMBER!" It reminds me a little of my sister...
Goblins still exist. Your Grandpa Seth is telling you!

Are you nuts? You tryin' ta turn me into a homo?


"May I remind you that I am in command here! Only an idiot would attempt such a thing. I will do it myself."


i loved this film. for the low budget it had, and it had to have been low, it was great. it had it all, lesbians, missing animals, an alien who couldn't swim in 2 feet of water, and a protein mission.
great stuff..


Now, if the title was ALIEN PRAY, you could do a movie about intersteller Mormons from Alpha Centauri.
I mean, you could...
"Aggressivlly eccentric, and proud of it!"


I just found that Alein Prey is the original title of the worst, and now listen hard, THE WORST MOVIE I ever watched! The french title I own is La Maison Sanglante (means: the bloody house) I decided to keep the tape because I love horror movies, but never, ever, I could found something as bad as that piece of your mother's s**t.
Now come and tell me that Scream was bad, Freddy vs Jason was bad or, lets say, one of your family member just died in a car accident involving a drunk driver, I'll say NO! That is not bad at all. You know what is bad? THAT!!!! This is Alien Prey! This about a so called alien coming to earth with a so called UFO that goes like: now what I'am supposed to do? Why don't I take a tea with these 2 lesbians? I mean, there are only like 7 characters in the whole movie and they all die, so I should eat and play hide and seek with these 2 welcoming hosts!

I'll stop now, you know I could continue for a long time still. I watched this movie 7 years ago already, now I'm 22. I'm still haunted by the feeling, THAT feeling of boringness... Please someone kille me now.


Quote from: Frank on May 04, 2007, 01:14:44 AM
I'll stop now, you know I could continue for a long time still. I watched this movie 7 years ago already, now I'm 22. I'm still haunted by the feeling, THAT feeling of boringness... Please someone kille me now.
BANG! Hope he's happy....
Friends, let us come not to bury Frank, but to praise him, for he knew what had to be done, and it wasd done.
Now, if you could only kill a movie!
"Aggressivlly eccentric, and proud of it!"


I've just come from the National Film Theatre (London) where they showed this introduced proudly by the director himself. The saddest thing was it was a retrospective and they screened one of his short films from the 50s (called Incident)and it was quite artistic so somewhere along the line he lost it.
It was filmed at Shepperton studios in Surrey and the house and lake were part of the studios. At the end of the first week's filming half the film was completed.
(I thought the acting wasn't that bad)  It's awful overall but so bad it's good.

News for fans of this website: the producer of this film is negotiating deals for a sequel to  wait for it...



Ulike you when I saw this clip I went and bought it right away, this movie looks like its bad big time and I love it


This is a classic movie. I loved it. I saw it as part of the Norman Warren boxset along with inseminoid and a couple of others. Apart from the slow drown in 2 feet of water scene, I couldn't fault it. What does that say about me?

Chris Reynolds

Just watched this movie, and I would like to apologise on behalf of the UK for this garbage. When Kator's alien pals arrive to prey on the humans, they're going to get a shock when they discover that not all humans are as stupid as Jessica as Joe, and that earth contains many lethal duckponds, some even deeper than the three feet of water that almost killed Kator. Such a boring awful movie, even though it's only 84 minutes long. Even though there's barely any plot, none of it makes any sense - how could Kator not know what water was? Why did Jessica stick around when she found out that Joe killed her friend? Why did no more police arrive to investigate the death of the two policemen? Why does Joe insist on Kator staying even though she hates having him around? Why did anybody think making this movie was a good idea?


Bloody awful movie but 4 a dollar WTF! Good lesbian scene for those who care...farely hot. That's all she wrote though!?#$%