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Started by Squishy, June 09, 2000, 05:57:11 AM

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Under "Stuff To Watch For--58 minutes," let us not forget that the guy changing into a mutant ten feet away from Dr. Tate is doing so exactly following the process she is describing into her tape recorder--matching her step for step. Oy vey.

Need to add one more thing to Things I Learned From this Movie:  a farm truck can out-accelerate a Camaro.  Yuck.

I saw this film when just a kid, but the most violent scene that I remember is the one in which the younger brother gets chomped: the girl is under the bed and she holds him and pushes him under the bed, what a scene!

As one of the original 2 screenwriters (the other being my good friend and writing partner Michael Jones), I have to say that 90% of the idiocy in this movie is not ours.  Details to anyone who's interested.


I liked this film. It's Groovy!!! (Cut to Ash and his crazy grin)

Jack Sommersby

A wonderfully atmospheric, quintessentially nerve-jangling horror masterpiece. Superbly crafted by director John "Bud" Cardos, and excellently acted by Wings Hauser and bo Hopkins. Richard Band's score is blood-curdling. The best "zombie" flick since "Dawn of the Dead".


Worst film I've seen to date, and I try to watch one so-called B-movie per week. I've been doing it for the last 4 years or so. Ouch.


I'm unsure of the printing you saw of this film.  I bought this with a collection of films on DVD at Best Buy and the video was great, not dark at all.  While not the greatest of zombie/vampire films, this still deserved at least 1 slime drop.  The pacing was good and the plot was as plausable as a toxic-waste-turning-people-into-vampires movie could have.  The weakness for me was the love interest teacher/barmaid and even then it's only because of B-movies 101.  "If hero is going to fall in love in the midst of terrorizing chaos, said love interest will show her boobs for at least thirty seconds."  And the ending was great and not formulaic at all.

Joe the Destroyer

I had a lot of fun with this movie, even despite its flaws.  Sure, a lot of things seemed very off, but the atmosphere was nice. 

Rev. Powell

Terrible movie, but I didn't find it too dark. The production values were actually pretty high, but the script was just stupid. Full of redneck stereotypes. Cops who witness vicious assaults and don't do anything, victims who don't complain. Likeable brother, whose only flaw is that he doesn't know how to button his shirt, is the first to die, leaving us "rooting" for douchebag brother. Redemptive character arc for alcoholic sheriff: pulls himself together long enough to repel mutant invasion, then quits job and returns to drinking. Bad movie.
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I'm pretty sure that I'm the only person that comments on this site anymore (I think the most recent comment I saw was from 2016?) but I wanted to make slight comment on this film.  I actually saw this movie in the theater with my older brother when we were both stationed at Pease AFB in Portsmouth NH.  I though it was pretty scary, but I scare easily.  Later, maybe five years ago I also received a copy of this movie in a boxed set.  I actually though it was better than I remembered. It wasn't dark at all and the production values in fact were pretty good.  What I was struck by was the interaction between the brothers.  If you let the one brother live rather than have him die this could be a pretty decent episode of Supernatural (one of my favorite shows) with the D-bag brother being Dean and the brother who dies playing the Sam part.  I mean it checks all the boxes.  Classic muscle car? Check.  Two brothers, one a D-bag womanizer and the other the nice sensitive type? Check. And finally a Scooby type mystery to solve. Check. I wonder if Eric Kripke watched this movie.  Anyway, that's my two cents for what it's worth.     


You might want to have a look at the forum section. Plenty of posting going on in there.
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Quote from: on March 29, 1999, 03:00:34 PM
Need to add one more thing to Things I Learned From this Movie:  a farm truck can out-accelerate a Camaro.  Yuck.

Maybe the Cameron driver didn't   have the balls to go all out?
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