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Started by Andrew, March 14, 2007, 07:00:18 PM

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Reader review by Nick Carroll.  Dysfunctional social relationships, music, and mind-altering substances galore.

Andrew Borntreger


I used to own this movie long ago...(well the 80's). Does anyone remember the psuedo-funeral in the park scene? And isn't that  Don Stroud in the coffin? This has always driven me crazy!
Supernatural?...perhaps. Baloney?...Perhaps not!" Bela Lugosi-the BLACK CAT (1934)
Interviewer-"Does Dracula ever end for you?
Lugosi-"No. Dracula-never ends."
Slobber, Drool, Drip!


Had this sent in via email:


After all these years, I want the truth to be known.

The majority of the songs in the movie and on the original soundtrack album were performed by The Storybook. This credit is never mentioned on movie posters and articles. We were a local band from the San Fernando Valley. The music and lyrics were composed by Ronald Stein as mentioned in most articles. Our band, The Storybook was chosen by Ronald Stein to perform and record the songs. We worked with Ronald and Dick Clark to get this soundtrack produced.

George Cox

Former lead singer

The Storybook

Andrew Borntreger


If I remember correctly, the funeral was being given for eternal proto-myth "The Man"... as in The Man's day is done, what with all this peace and love and groovy psychedelic s**t going on... which as we well know, led to an age of peace and love and groovy liberty for one and all, that endures to this very day...


As lead singer for the Storybook I can tell you we were a San Fernando Valley garage band. We played all over the Valley and surrounding areas. We were hooked up with Ron Stein to perform the many songs for the movie. We performed 1966 thru 1968 and broke up when I had to go into the service. Four years later members had gone their separate ways although we all stay in touch.