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The Wizard of Speed and Time

Started by Lisa, March 19, 2003, 07:49:55 PM

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sad but we may never see a dvd, theirs some problem i cant remember or find that kept him from releasing it on dvd.

as you already know it was released on vhs and laserdisk behind his back by the evil producer. (sadly though it may have never been released otherwise and i wouldnt have seen it)

i bought my copy from a now long gone video store way back in the early 90's, the cover was faded.

theirs a fanmad dvd and a laserdisk to dvd copy on torrents.
i've got both and i can reupload anywhere if needed

(its definitly not a b movie)

Phaux The Fox


A friend of mine showed me it a while ago, and I loved it.  The song is one of the hightlights for me.
At least, that's what Gary Busey told me...

Draig Schwarzman

"What do marching tripods have to do with Chronos?"

Well considering the majority of the Wizard's power were the STOP MOTION effects, A lot of which Mike discovered/Pioneered himself, I think it makes rather a lot of sense. Wizard of SPEED and TIME both INTEGRAL parts of stopmotion. :P


Had the pleasure of seeing this in a movie theater....

Jittlov was in Hollywood, FL for a convention appearance. The hotel was part of a complex with a shopping center and a two screen movie theater.  He was nice enough to bring a long a copy and everyone who came to the convention got to see it as part of the admission.

Thinking back on the film I sometimes think of it in the same vein as UHF...if you already get his humor, you'll love it. If not, you'll be scratching your head the whole time.

Sorry to hear that he's no longer in the business.  When I saw his credit in the movie Ghost I figured he'd decided to work completely behind the scenes doing effects - like that guy who made "Hardware Wars" who disappeared into Lucasfilm never to be seen again.   :bluesad:


If anyone is still looking for a good quality download of The Wizard of Speed and Time, a friend of mine has one on his YouTube channel that's transferred from LaserDisc. Uploaded with Mike Jittlov's permission. Video j5a_00YVVkQ (or look for channel Jax184).