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The Giant Claw

Started by Andrew, January 10, 1999, 11:09:05 PM

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Watched this with some friends over the weekend - FANTASTIC!  perfect old classic, good acting, and great Buzzard or whatever he is!  We all laughed and really enjoyed this movie and watched it a second time this week!  You can watch the whole movie on Google videos -just search in the videos over 20 mins. in length-  hook your computer to TV and everyone can watch.   Now go get some popcorn!  :cheers:


I first saw this movie when i was around 10. Even then i realized there was something wrong with this "Bird". Fast forward and I recently played this for my kids 8 and 14. I told them that they would never forget the "monster". When that bird came on the hysterical laughter of the kids was well worth the monthly Netfix. This movie is awesome and a Must for any "B" fan. You don't see anything like this today.


QuoteHer handling of a firearm would give a member of the USMC Shooting Team apoplexy to the tenth degree. I am at a loss how she hits anything.

:bouncegiggle: :bouncegiggle:

Wait until I join that shooting team.  :wink: :teddyr:
We shall meet in the place where there is no darkness.


I've had a theory for awhile now that, in-universe, the bird is in fact terrifying BECAUSE it is so damned goofy looking. To a person about to be smashed or eaten by this thing, they see it and want to guffaw in laughter, like any member of the audience. But they are about to die, and die horribly, and the horror of this is amplified, not lessened, by the fact of what it looks like.

I'm with James Rolfe. I want a figure of the stupid thing.


My God, it looks absolutely stunning. Need to watch it as soon as possible.