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Godzilla, King of the Monsters

Started by Andrew, August 03, 2007, 04:34:54 PM

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Umaril The Unfeathered

Both versions of the movie work well for what they intended, be it the more urgent and faster paced American version, or the somber and somewhat hopeless vision of the future the Japanese version portrayed. 

Everyone had something to lose in this one..from the beleaguered Japanese people to the hurt Dr. Serizawa experiences when he finds out his childhood love chose another man.


The ending scene where Serizawa dies with Godzilla was a real downer. 

But yet, it was very poetic and somewhat symbolic: As Serizawa puts an end to Godzilll'a reign of terror, he also prevents the potential for far greater future destruction by the hands of mankind, by man, as his secret weapon dies with him.
Tam-Riel na nou Sancremath.
Dawn's Beauty is our shining home.

An varlais, nou bala, an kynd, nou latta.
The stars are our power, the sky is our light.

Malatu na nou karan.
Truth is our armor.

Malatu na bala
Truth is power.

Heca, Pellani! Agabaiyane Ehlnadaya!
Be gone, outsiders! I do not fear your mortal gods!

Auri-El na nou ata, ye A, Umaril, an Aran!
Aure-El is our father, and I, Umaril, the king!


I watched this a few weeks ago, and was surprised.  Godzilla, King of the Monsters is not a Japanese film; it's an American film based around a Japanese film.  Nothing's wrong with that, since the movie still works, and I must give credit to the editors; it took considerable effort to match up all those scenes.  Stil, I might want to see the original.

Parralax view

When You are a six yr. old kid in 1954, and watch this for the first time, and considering the time frame, it was terrifying.  Never mind the rubber suit, the little planes on strings, the absolutely lousy aim of the Japanese army, navy and airforce, it was something that stuck with a young psyche and I still love him to this day.  Not the later goofy dad Godzilla, not the slick huge monster he became in the other films, but this mindless, blackeyed out of focus man in a suit.  Still the best G there is.