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Toxic Spawn

Started by Brandi, May 11, 2000, 04:07:37 PM

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This film used to be called Alien Contamination in an attempt to capitalize on Alien.


I dunno if it was altered for "Toxic Spawn," but the original "Alien Contanimation" version had a superfreaky score by Goblin, famous for "Dawn of the Dead" and others. It made the trailer the best version of the movie!

Acid Xian

My dream is to get this exhibited in a local theater on a double bill with "Alien 2: Sulla Terra".  This movie may have been pretty bad, but so was "Alien 3" and "Alien: Resurrection".


Avacados of Death!  The original title for this was Contamination.  It was changed to Alien Contamination when released in the U.S. of A, it was also cut of some pretty over the top gore effects to get that there family friendly R rating.  The Goblin score remains on the Toxic Spawn version, only the title was changed (yet again).

Personally I find this movie such a mind numbingly silly little thing that I award it three slimes.  It's just too much fun to watch to be a one slimer.

Kevin Gates

I'm posting an alien 2 sulla terra site this week at:

keep a look out - its cool! pics, sounds, trivia and more My favourite trash film in the world!


After buying the new dvd release 2003 of this movie i have to say that its quit entertaining, the movie isnt gonna remake the gendre and there is an interview with the director on the dvd that clearly says they wanted to do a type of Alien rip off.

That really makes me laugh when they say its an homage to a movie or something and they just rip off the damn thing, or in that case they didnt have enought money to do the rip off.

The image on the dvd is very clear, bright and we can see a lot better then on the vhs version that i rented some time ago.

The cyclops looks horrible but when you have 5 weeks total to shoot a movie what can you expect.

I payed 31$ canadien for that movie, and in the end i find it really good, dvd is packed with good feature and the director cleary says that he stopped directing movies cause in italia they didnt like sci fi so in the early 90 he just called it quits and works now in a shop called DEEP RED which him and Dargento opened a while ago in italy, the store is packed with horror sci fi movies.

I guess that the guy stayed true to himself and instead of doing something he wouldnt have loved stop doing it, for me that says a lot.

Now if i can only find a dvd with an interview with Roger Corman telling use why he always end up using stuff from is other movies, space ships and all. Lol.

Efrem Sepulveda

Viewing the videoclip, it sounds like that guy is about to put a big one in the toilet.


Just watched it, silly but fun. I can confirm an interesting piece of trivia: as stated in the IMDV, the "alien seeds" in the Mars flashback (around 40 minutes into the film) are just... olives! Really, you can see them clearly enough.

BTW, I didn't know Mars was white instead of red...


Now I am wondering if this is a sequel to Cannibal Girls in the Avocado Jungle of Death. If not, it should be.


I have this movie on dollar-store DVD, both as Contamination and Alien Contamination! It starts off strong with the exploding people on the ship and in the warehouse, then gets kind of dull for the rest of the movie. Still, I'm glad I watched it.

IIRC one of the DVDs of it also comes with Assassin (1986), a nice B-movie with Lee Majors and Jonathan Banks. Oh hey, it's directed by Damian Lee of (1990)!