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Babes in Toyland

Started by Squishy, December 16, 1999, 07:22:05 AM

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Contrary to what Andrew says, this movie is NOT a "loose adaptation of the Wizard of Oz" but a medium adaptation of Victor Herbert's operetta BABES IN TOYLAND--even the plot, names of the characters, and most of the music is the same.

Example: "March of the Toys" is used for the background music of the battle scene a clip of which he gives.


I LOOOOVE this movie!
All who hate it are fools!
How could anyone hate a movie in which the bad guy with a long, black thumbnail lives in a giant bowling ball with his freako flunkies, Zack znd Mack?

And come on, the enitre film is hilarious- the Cincinnati song is so sweetly ridiculous! How wonderfully silly it is that Keanu Reeves can't sing!

I know I appreciated my childhood MUCH more after watching "Babes in Toyland" at age 11.


I loved this movie when I was little!

I gotta re-watch it!

giant Claw

I think i prefer the one with TOMMY SANDS and RAY BOLDGER remmeber SANDS rinning the little tou horse and leading the army of wind up solders? and the handy spray bottles with the red and green liquids that make things grow or shrink maybe it inspired FANTASTIC VOYAGE


I haven't seen this movie,I'll admit,but you just don't mess with a classic that starred Laurel and Hardy.That's a big no no!!!!


Babes in Toyland.

No wonder I have horrible memories of elementary school.

They made us watch this one year.
"The path to Heaven runs through miles of clouded Hell."

Don't get too close, it's dark inside.
It's where my demons hide, it's where my demons hide.


Call me a masochist, but I bought the VHS of this at a yard sale not long after reading this review.

'Shoulda listened.   :buggedout:

A whole village of furries.  Errrgh....

TheDope: bringing the conversation to a grinding halt since 2002.


I remember this movie vividly.  I saw it when it orignally aired on TV, and it upset me so badly that just reading this review many, many years later made me feel somewhat queasy.   Still, good job on the review.  :teddyr:

Giant Claw Jr

The one with TOMMY SANDS and RAY BOLGER was better at least the creatures were not so outlandish and at least sands astride the wood horse and leading to wooden solders added a striking pose

Giant Claw Jr

I saw the disney version with TOMMY SANDS and RAY BOLGER its just another cheap remake :thumbdown: :bouncegiggle:


I've seen both the Tommy Sands and Ed Wynn version and the Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy version, and while the Laurel and Hardy version is superior (IMHO), the march of the toys and the climatic battle between the toys and Ray Bolger are a couple of reasons to see the Sands and Wynn version. The Sands and Wynn version also feature the motion picture debut of Ann Jillian. I wonder whatever happened to her.

blackheartjonny the risk of sounding like a total nerd. I actually own this movie and still semi-enjoy it to this day...i mean i like it now cause its cheesey and stupid....but i loved it when i was kid...i didnt know any


I wanna watch it soon! XD, I love bad movies and this one might be at the top of the list.


I bought this movie at McDonalds.


I do not understand what was so bad about this movie.  WHen i was little i use to watch this movie all the time when i slept over at my grandparents house.  Just because it wasnt edited perfectly doesnt mean that it was a bad movie.  I am going to purchase this movie show it my my siblings and my own children when i have them.  :bouncegiggle: So all in all i love this movie and all you people dont know how to appreciate a good movie.