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Started by Andrew, November 25, 2006, 04:09:48 PM

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A bad movie that has it all: spectacularly bad special effects, silly dialog, and scenes that will cause you to fall off the couch laughing. It also has David Hasselhoff using a lightsaber to fight stop motion robots.

Andrew Borntreger


A bunch of us get together every Thursday night to watch bad movies. We've watched lots of Carradine filmes, and Schwartzenegger films, and Stallone films. Starcrash is the benchmark bad movie against which all other bad movies are measured. It just works on so many levels: acting, costumes, dialogue, plot, special effects, makeup, etc.  It's just brilliant!


Let's got David Hasselhoff, you got Marjoe Gortner (just after he made The Food of the Gods with Bert I. Gordon), you got JOE SPINELL as the head bad guy, and, must important of all, you got CAROLINE MUNRO as Stella Starr.

I saw this on the big screen with a group of friends.  Of these pack of young teens I was the only one that who not only enjoyed the movie, but loved it and wanted to see it again.  Same thing happened when I saw The Children.  

Perhaps Star Crash will be released again. :-)

I've have been searching the internet trying to find something about this movie! I couldnt remember the name of this flick but I remembered certain a foxy chick fighting people(mysteriously I remember that she was wearing high heels but when she fights they turned into flats!)

I also remember when she was frozen and she snuggled up to the robot to conserve body heat. I think I like it alot when I was a kid cuz of the lightsabre rip-off....who knew it was David Hasselhoff!?!  and made my Roger Corman?

I think this movie haunted my subconscience cuz I have made a comic-book that has women and a robot fighting for good!

I have got to get this movie!!! Hassellhoff, lightsabers, men in torpedos, pure cinematic bliss!

John G Lighterness

A film so bad, I had to buy the video.

John G Lighterness

This is perhaps the most perfect Science Fiction film ever made. Never mind the ending of 2001, this movie just makes no sense whatsoever.

It kind of reminds me of a George Lucas film, but I can't remember which one.

They do not make them like this anymore. (Thank god).

Otto Maddox

Post StarWars-anything-with-star-in-the-title-sells craze.  Perhaps the worst movie made, if not the worst movie imaginable.  A true classic!


I live in Japan as an English teacher. My entire apartment building consists of foreigners, and we have what we call the "group room" where over the years, many previous teachers have contributed to a growing video collection. Starving for entertainment over the winter break, I was looking for movies. Among the fairly normal movies I found there, I saw "Star Crash" and saw it's ridiculous cover. So, I decided to watch it. The movie was so horrible that it would have made a perfect episode of <I>MST3K.</I> It featured a very young Hasselhoff as the emperor's son, a naked chick who's supposed to be a brilliant space pilot and who is obviously allergic to clothing, a pistol packing hick robot who's afraid of his own shadow and always seems to get blasted by space lesbians and bashed by cavemen, a lightsaber weilding dork who's supposed to be an android or something who can forsee the future but yet couldn't forsee a slow moving stop-motion robot sneaking up on him to whack him with a sword, a planet of amazon women and their dumb floozy bint of a queen who's almost as naked as the star of the movie, and a completely pointless space battle at the end of the movie with some cape wearing moron with an ego problem and a horrible super weapon that didn't really seem to do anything that bad except to attack people with lava lamp bubbles. Oh yeah, and it also features a 60 foot tall sword-weilding giant C-3PO looking robot with breasts. I haven't enjoyed a movie that horrible in a long time. I heard a rumor that David Hasselhoff has recently been elected king of Germany.

Neil Bradley

I remember my dad commenting excessively how awful this movie was when I forced him to take me to see it at age 10. I thought it was great. Robots, space, etc... what a great movie, right? Now that I'm much, much older, I couldn't possibly see why I thought it was good - it's so absolutely horrible that it's hailarious! Seeing David Hasselhoff in whore makeup burst me in to tears so hard that I almost blew out a vein in my forehead!

Ross Van Loan

I qualify this flick as being my 'numero uno hunk of stellar cheese'! I originally caught it in the cinema for a whole 35 cents back in '79 when it was released. I was gifted with a used video copy of it four years ago by a friend. He paid the astronomical price of 3.75 for it! It is, for my money, the best worst film ever made.


This was the first movie my family ever rented on Betamax, way way way way back in the early eighties.

I can remember in my five year old brain mixing this up with Star Wars and Battlestar Galactica into the best film ever. Permed-Androids-with-Lightsabres-tastic!

Alas, After renting it three times in a row, I have not seen it since then - But bring on the DVD release!


I saw this at a $5.00 a carload drivein in '79 or 80.
as a double feature. Even with 8 people in a van, it was
NOT worth it! Unfortunately, it was played as the first feature, and strangely enough, half (I think) of the cars on that side of the drive-in moved to the other side to see the bad karate/kung-fu movie. I really liked it then, as I was only 15, and I blame it on being one of the things that sparked my interest in bad movies, and the brain damage that results from the same.


My God!  This is why I love this site!  I own this stinker and have shown it to friends who didn't believe that Christopher Plummer (who looks like he is very very hungry) is the ruler of the universe!  And Caroline Munro!  In a space bikini and saran wrap space suit!  What's with that goffy spaceship that looks like a hand?  Oh wait...was I actually trying to make this film logical?


I saw this at a camp last summer.  When the description was given, the counselor had written "Quite possibly the worst movie ever made.  Come watch for two hours and laugh and laugh!  And then we'll halt the flow of time!"
it was wonderful!  this is definitely the worst movie ever.  I especially loved that the spaceships often looked like the lego spaceships my brothers play with.  if you have the time, GET THIS MOVIE!