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The Angry Red Planet

Started by Fred Ringwald, November 25, 2006, 04:09:49 PM

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The first time I saw this, my mom stayed up and watched it with me and my brother.  We never got to see the end, Channel 2 stopped the film before it was over!  To this day my mom never knows what happened.  Of course, she doesn't remember watching it either.
Anyway, I love this film.  It is just so much fun, and completely unlike a lot of "go to Mars" films at the time.  And all the monsters are really cool as well.



for some reasom I like this movie. But that may say more about me then about the movie itself. Maybe the sum of the movie is greater then the parts!!


Anyone who doubts that this is both a great and influential film would do well to note that the rat-bat-spider creature is prominently featured on the sleeve of the MISFITS album "Walk Amoung Us." What higher recommendation could any movie have???



Priss Asagiri

I'm just curious here. If my memory is right I think that Mystery Science Theater 3000 did this movie. Hmmmm....I wonder if so whether the movie has been released on video in MST'ied format? Otherwise I probably won't watch it.


This movie freakin reeked, my life has been diminished as I can never reclaim the 90 minutes or so I wasted on it.

The Heuristcally Brain Damaged One

Simulated gravity by use of "Constant Accelleration" as explained in this film is a false premise. Why? Because when a vehicle, (be it a car, plane, cheesy rocketship, or cheez-whiz fueled baby stroller) is in motion, everything and everyone on board moves at the same speed as said vehicle. Try dropping a ball from the top of the mast of a sailing boat, for instance, and you'll see what I mean (when wind conditions are minimum, of course. Preferably nil) Hell, drop something while you're driving your car and you'll see what I mean. This was known LONG before this movie was made, and the writers of ARP could have gleaned this knowledge with only the most basic research: BY DROPPING SOMETHING WHILST DRIVING THEIR CAR(S), which I'm sure everyone who has driven or ridden in one has done at one time or another. Estimated research costs: 5 seconds (worst case scenario)

Well, what do you expect? This is, after all, a B-movie, which, like many B-movies, are often produced by people with a collective IQ of twelve who don't care if they drink from the toilet or not (and who often expect their audience to have an IQ of ten and don't even notice if said toilet has even been flushed or not until it's too late. Eeeewww!) Which of course, makes B-movies so much fun to watch.

And, like everyone else, I too was enthralled by the Bat-rat-spider-crab. Now in need of a seeing eye dog; said dog would not be in danger of being eaten, since having one's eyes turned into novelty ice cubes by freeze-ray wielding astronauts without faceplates tends to turn one vegetarian (or gay, I can't remember which)

"We just lost Sam to the ameoba. Is Lawrence Welk on yet?" Yes, some humanity amonst our... AHEM ...heroes would have helped this film alot. So would some scenes in the Martain city.

My scathing review has ended. We now return you to your regularly scheduled cheese.


Its on sci fi channel as I type. It is the epitome of late fifties sci fi flix. Its silly, but it dosn't trip over its self, it keep going reguardless of how ridiculous everything is. I always ask myself 'why, was hollywood  pumping out movies in the fifties that insulted humanities babarism, when the U.S was constantly making war on everyone in the fifties?' Historians will see much irony there.
Yes, this movie is the classic sci fi movie. Not as interesting as forbidon planet, but it WAS scary when I was a kid and first saw this flick on creature double feature in the early eighties, oh how far I've come psychologicly.


I dimly remember that when the Giant Amoeba was hauling a$$, that it looked like a Fisher-Price toy, with it's eyball rolling around as if connected to a crank-and-wheel underneath "fronds" in near contact the the "ground". You know, I'll buy it just to see that again...

Matt McIrvin wrote:

'Simulated gravity by use of "Constant Accelleration" as explained in this film is a false premise. Why? Because when a vehicle, (be it a car, plane, cheesy rocketship, or cheez-whiz fueled baby stroller) is in motion, everything and everyone on board moves at the same speed as said vehicle.'

No, you're thinking of constant *velocity*, not constant *acceleration*.  Constant acceleration would mean that the velocity is changing all the time.  When you stomp on the gas (or the brakes) and the speed of your car changes, you feel it.

Doug Jones

Nora Hayden, the screaming, reptile-jawed starlet in this opus, later became "Naura" Hayden, she of the Everything You Wanted to Know About Energy But Were Too Tired to Ask
series of health food books. Her caps are excessive, lending an unhinged look to her gaping screams. Norman Maurer story-boarded the film, designing the monsters on paper. He also was married at the time to Moe Howard's daughter! Thus, the Edward Bernds connection. Norman is very cool. He invented 3-D comics!


As a good B movie this film has all the required things in it(interesting atmosphere, campy script, etc). For sci-fi fans watching this film late in the evening with a beer (or soda) and chips provides for an entertaining experiance.

steve t.


I can't believe it! Everyone is enthralled with the bat-rat-spider-crab, sayng it was the coolest monster in this flick and one of the great monsters of all time. Hey, it was cool ,for sure. But let me ask this one simple question: Would you rather take your chances with the bat-rat-spider-crab, or the ameoba? THE AMEOBA RULES! I think that damned ameoba is the coolest thing to make an appearence in a movie. I used to watch this flick in grammear school, they always seemed to show it on the 4:30 show on channel 7 (NY) on the last day of school in June. When that ameoba bubbles up out of the water, I would start to sweat and get stomach cramps. And poor Sammy! The flick is out on DVD, and I wish they made the disc with an alternate ending so I could rescue that poor guy. Anyway, I'll be 46 years old soon, I'm a health care professional with three college degrees, AND THAT AMEOBA STILL SCARES AND DISTURBS THE HELL OUT OF ME!


a slight disapointment, but still enjoyable. i think it could have been better.