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Hawk the Slayer

Started by joegerrard, November 25, 2006, 04:10:12 PM

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I was first introduced to this movie the year it came out at age 10. And seeing it again as an adult didn't change at all!  This is one of my personal hidden "classics" that I like to re-visit about once a year.  The music fits the movie to a "T", the characters are fun to watch and Jack Palance plays a villian that rivals Darth Vader!  What more could you ask for?


Oh my gawd ! I worship this film ! Perfect in its low-cal cheesiness and unabashed stupidity. The machine-bow elf (who talks more like a vulcan than any Tolkien creation)was my favorite character. Makes me wonder how much $$ they had to part with to get Jack Palance to strut around in armor and overact his way through this monstrosity. And I want my sequel darn it .... :)

Russell Thompson

I have only seen this movie once, on New Years day on the Millenium!! It is the funniest movie ever made, and we cracked up over Voltan, the so-called villian, who over-does every line in the movie, so it comes out sounding quite hysterical (watch how he delivers the line 'forcing me to take another man's child to CALL MY OWN!!')!! And the retro incidental music makes it even funnier! And who is that guy who goes around going 'Brethren' with a really stupid face and stupid voice! This is why we love it-everyone's STUPID in it!!! Great bit with the flying ping-pong balls, and I cracked up over that final fight!! Hours of laughter we had!!


This movie is the greatest bunch of cheese ever.  It was on the CBC here in Canada years ago and one time I stayed up and taped it removing the commercials.  I watched it a few times and a friend and I counted how many bad guys Hawk and his merry bunch slaughtered.  I can't remember the exact figure but it was somewhere between 150-200 if my memory serves me - mostly by the machne gun action of Ranulf's crossbow and Crow's bow and quiver of endless arrows.  The guy in the post above has a point - the good guys were mass murderers.  This site has brought back so many great memories with the video and sound clips.  Hose-Ami, Hose-Ami....Brethren


I just had to post here. Ever since one of my then D&D buddies called me after school like 15 years ago or something like that and said "Dude - turn on the tv quick!" Can't remember the channel, but from the opening sequence of Voltan striding through the castle killing people, I was hooked. Took me years to re-discover this movie online, but now I have MP3's of most of the music, and I still have my 15-year old VHS recording of it (badly degraded). I hope that somehow, this gem among b-movies will make it to DvD someday! The music, the action, the dialogue, and the delivery all make the movie - what can I say; Hawk the Slayer rocks!

"Well little man, has the quake in your belly stopped your mouth?"
"I, am ready..." - (Crow)

Priss Asagiri

Wow! With all the expletive laced reviews in here I'm beginning to feel like I'm in an AICN Talkback! Anyways....I think this movie is a lame excuse for a Tolkienesque movie. Hawk the Slayer = Poor man's, smoked too much wacky weed, I have no life to call my own Lord of the Rings knockoff. If anyone is still reading these posts I urge you now....GO SEE EVERY SINGLE LORD OF THE RINGS MOVIE IN THE TRILOGY! That is how a Sword and Sorcery fantasy flick should be done! And you want an elf with the skills to defeat large numbers of evil goons, Legolas beats Crow (Why do I keep thinking about MST3K? Oh yeah! That happens to be the name of one of the 'Bots!) hands down anyday. Plus Logolas' multishot arrow effects are much better! Thank god for high budget effects! Yes they can be put to good use with the right storyline!


All I can say is everytime I see the Elf shoot his bow with lightening speed, I still get a woodie. Man I want a Sword like Hawks!  

This movie filled my childhood DnD Geefest days with ample material for plagerization. For a 10 year old Boy, this film is a 10. For a 31 year old man, well its still a 10, cause evertime I watch it, Im 10 years old again!


I was hooked hardcore on this movie as a kid, along with my two brothers. I didn't have a VCR when I saw it on T.V., so I recored it on my audio cassette player, thats how much I loved this have a copy on VHS. I laugh at some of the stuff that I thought was so bad ass as a kid, namely any seen with Crow in it...but it brings me back at thats what I love about it. I noticed recently in the seen where Hawk is cutting the ropes from the witches wrists, he hits her in the head with his sword and winces, I almost died laughing...apparently that cut would just have to do. Its my all time favorite movie as a kid and as goofy as it is, still remains so today. It's cool to see all these other people who dug this movie as much as I did.


Today I woke up in the morning with a bizarre and totally unfounded desire to search for Hawk the Slayer on the net.  Its been so long, and frankly Im astounded that anyone else besides me so much as mildly enjoyed it.  All you guys have warmed me inside in voicing such similar opinions to my own.  God bless you all, and God bless that awful, cheap, but oh so fulfilling film!!!!


watched this movie in 1984 whilst playing a 24 hour snooker marathon for charity
everyone stopped playing and watched the film
s**te but utterly compelling


This movie rules so much, its the most classic comedy film ever. If you listen carefully to the part where Ranolf gets knocked from his horse, he mutters "f*ck" under his breath - I think the take went a bit wrong but they just left it in!
Ranolfs reactions are kind of suspect though. I mean, In one scene he points his crossbow at Voltan and demands "let her go". Voltan somehow has time to pull out a knife and throw it at Ranolf before the Ranster can even pull his trigger.
My friends and I are working on the sequel - a camcorder classic.
I can't believe so many people know this cult classic.
I'm still laughing at the scene where Hawk hits the "women" on the head with his sword by accident"

"Her death will be yet one more victory for the powers of darkness..."
"Use your sword pig! Do not f*ck me..." - a little known use of profanity in the movee

Get this move on DVD now!

the man stading next to the man

Simply put:  you cannot name 5 better sword&sorcery movies in the history of cinema. I just got this movie off of ebay after searching for over 20 years. It is one of the best films of all time....a remake would be perfect!!!!

Fabiano Suassuna Montenegro

Hawk the slayer is one of my favorite movies. I saw it for the first time in 1987 when I was 11 years, and recorded it few years later on TV. Many times I searshed about this movie on net, and never foud sites with great stuff. I hope that someday Hawk the Slayer be released on DVD. Congratulations for the webmaster for put this movie on your site, and is good to know that so many people likes this great movie.

Scott D.

Watched Lord of  the Rings last week- then popped in Hawk the Slayer for comparison.

Crow was a much cooler elf than the Rivendell deinizens!!  

I love this piece of chesse and the music!!  Saw John Terry (Hawk) in a Dolly Parton TV movie last year.

Seagull the Flayer

I just watched this film tonight with my friends after it was referred to in one of our faveourite comedies (Spaced) as a big pile of crap. It's a line that's stuck with us and when we saw it on DVD that was it we had to get it just for that reason.We watched it and yes it is a big pile of crap (bearing in mind we grew up in the eighties) however it was highly entertaining! I loved the death with the hunchback having to hold the rope in his mouth and the way they couldn't give the witch one eye so they drew one on a bandana instead lol. And why was it the giant wasn't very...Giant. And the way everone else sounded like they were from Kent and Hawk and Voltan sounded American! I have to say this is a classic! Glad I bought it!