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Hawk the Slayer

Started by joegerrard, November 25, 2006, 04:10:12 PM

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This film,not only rocks,It has influnced some of todays fantasy films.
Do you really think Legolas fires his bow THAT fast in the books?!?
ANd more to the point,Van Helsing.
the fully autmomatic crossbow that he uses.
I think that Peter Jackson and Stephen Sommers BOTH love this film.

Rainer Schönen

This is the best movie ever! I never laught that much an saturday morning when i switched on tv and started watching this unique film! Guys BUY IT!! Watch it all the day!!!

GreetZ from Germany


Man, I love this show. Especially that reject Spock of an elf. Have you ever seen anyone shoot arrows like a machine-gun. And honest to gawd, the one thing I remembered was the funky techno music. It sure brought back memories when I heard it here again. In fact, I download the attached wav and I'm going to use it on my windows startup. lol

My only complaint is the lack of a sexy lady to make up the troupe. Sorry, nuns and witches don't do it for me.



This film is the best i've ever seen. It's totally crank and awful but i rolled on floor laughing. Believe me, Hawk The Slayer is our all Saviour!

Another Greetings from the Krauts!



Of course this is a great film. If you played AD&D as an adolscent this was images of your games plucked from your imagination and laid out on film. This is everything young fantasy was and should be. A pox upon thee for not making a sequel. My favorite point is that Crow and Ranulf pretty much do all the work with their bow and automatic crossbow. Hawk kills what? One guy to every 50 Ranulf and Crow puncture? More films should have followed this idea rather than the lame sword and sandal route.


Saw it years ago,on late night-I stayed awake for it,which is more then I can say for any of the "Ring" movies

Bitter Stevil

The elf guy "Crow" is the most amazingly bad actor I have ever seen (I suspect that he is in reality a retarded vulcan) which makes his cheesy lines even funnier.

"They will give us peace!"
(in a monotone)-"Yes. The peace...of the dead"

But the funniest line has to be
"I am no messenger, but I will give you a message. The message... of death!


Okay! Twenty two years ago this movie was the s**t! Please keep in mind I was 10!!! I showed it to my kids and they laught their collective asses off! I was sort of hurt by that. Have we really gotten' that spoiled that even a cheesy movie like this can no longer entertain us!

It was really funny watching my 7 year old look at me and say " thought this was cool? When?"

Sad in Denver!!!



A most excellent, classic film. The very finest in cheese.
What is often overlooked is that the fight director is a well-respected fellow not only in that field but in the study of medieaval martial arts. The fights are "filmic", but actually very good. The hammer fight over eating cow dung is a particular favourite of mine.


It's worth noting (ok, maybe not) that the part or the neon-spewing witch is played by Patricia Quinn! (AKA Magenta of Rocky Horror Picture Show fame.)  What happened to her career BTW?  I remember thinking her quite hot...


Man, that was one savage film. Just spent about 5 minutes p**sing my pants at that review. I reckon some attention could have been drawn to the bit where that loudmouth  Friar gets pummeled by his own club. We need more piles of crap like this!!


This is the best cult fantasy movie classic of all time!!! I was shocked to see it on remember seeing it first on TV when I was 10 years old and I still have the original VCR recorded tape. IMO its still as good as it was all those years ago - Jack Palance gave an amazing performance and I'd say Voltan was the greatest movie villain! I wish there was a sequel and I'm really hoping Jack (Voltan) can be in it!


Despite what todat would pass as bad effects and such, this movie is great.I loved every minute of it.It is the best worse RPG friendly movie of alltime.I saw it when it came out in 1980 and love watching to this day.....just awesome..


I'm a great fan of this movie, watched it when i was just 9 and since then , i havent seen it again. Is there anywhere i could download the soundtracks and the movie for free because everywhere i searched has a price tag attached to the items and we dont operate a credit card facility here in Nigeria. I would be grateful if i am assisted.

My best line in the movie i could remember

"This is a story of herioc deeds and the bitter struggle for good over evil.      When the legend of darkness stalked the land..............."

David Emami

Just one problem with your analysis, MadKalnod. You're using D&D 3rd Edition terminology, and Hawk the Slayer pre-dates that by about 20 years. :)