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Flash Gordon (1980)

Started by Andrew, June 19, 2000, 10:27:16 AM

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Ryan J. Kenner

Quite possibly the greatest movie ever made. How this one lost out to Ordinary People is beyond me.  I mean that movie was about  ordinary people Flash Gordon was about  ex-playgirl models/ex-marine (Sam J. Jones) saving the entire world from Ming The Merciless!  

Just the song "Flash, AHHHAAA!" Is alone worth the price of oscar glory.

Of course the Academy refuses to award movies that are stupid, although it never stopped them from awarding Gump.

As far as i'm concerned this was the oscar winner of the year!


I loved this movie, clearly one of my favorites. The movie is total camp and was meant to be. The actors they got were great. Yeah, Sam Jones was a little wooden, but I don't see it as too distracting. Sidow as Ming was total gold, he nailed it. Same with the other actors, Blessed, Dalton, et al. they had a great crew. Aura was freaking hot. The sets were beautiful, I don't get the criticism, here. The only problem I did have was that it was too much like watching a play. You knew that they were just sets, you really did not see the majesty of Ming's Empire, just his palace. That could have been done better while keeping the camp feel. Finally, the freaking soundtrack is awesome. I used to have it on tape I wore that tape totally out. Awesome movie, yes it was "bad", but this should have been a five-star bad.
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Max Von Sydow's portrayel of ming was the only redeeming factor of this film. the only other element that came close as the soundtrack.


Dredging up an old comment here...

Didn't Dino intend on making this as a serious film and was pretty upset when the screening audiences were howling with laughter?

De Laurentiis was lots of things, but I don't think he was stupid enough to expect that he'd get a serious film if he had the screenplay written by Lorenzo Semple Jr., who was a script consultant and screenwriter for the Adam West-era Batman series (and movie!).


Just wanted ask if you've ever read Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman. Because if you haven't... well, do, and your comment about Queen making a deal with the devil will seem THAT. MUCH. FUNNIER.

David Radich

Perfect Casting for everyone, EXCEPT the Main Character!  Oh and Dale Arden too.  Don't know who would have been better, but those two just did not seem to fit at all.  Max Von Sydow as Ming.  GENIUS!  Brian Blessed as Valtan... Great.  Topol as Zarkov...Stupendous!  and Timothy Dalton was incredible as Prince Barron!  I Loved the scene where Zarkov and Barron are in Ming's dungeon chained to the wall and Barron simply says "Tell me more of this man...Hudini." 
And Don't get me started on Princess Aura.  Man this girl is turning me on! was my thought too.  Another puberty inducing moment in my youth.

Despite it's gaudiness, it sort of worked.  It would however been much better if the film was set in the 30s or 40s.  It would have just worked better.

Great tongue in cheek camp! 

Giant Claw Jr

There used to be a saturday morning cartoon series FLASH GORDON just got it on DVD and MONGO has some serious wildlife HAWKS AS BIG AS AIRPLANES

Thee Dr.

The soundtrack for this film was f**kin' sweeet!

Savior of the Universe!!'

The Brian May guitar work was tight and you knew it was camp as soon as Freddy Mercury (R.I.P.) was involved-rememeber they did the 'Highlander' soundtrack too?  :thumbup:


I was 7 years old and in the 1st grade (I started school late) in December 1980 when this movie came out. What a perfect age to be a young boy and introduced to Flash Gordon for the first time. As someone above me noted, there was also an excellent Flash Gordon cartoon series on Sunday mornings after the church shows on TV, but I never watched them until after I saw this movie. It was rather violent and gory for its PG rating at the time, and the overt sexuality and innuendo that throbbed throughout the movie was all but flashing boobies in our faces! My favorite part of the film even on my first viewing was Princess Aura strapped to a table in all of her sexiness screaming "NO! NOT THE BORE WORMS!" Yes, puberty had visited me early thanks to this movie!  :wink: :thumbup:

This film had an amazingly attractive color palette in its cinematography, which almost hid the fact that you were watching a gloriously bad movie. The soundtrack is legendary even to this day, and immortalized Queen forever in film as one of history's all-time greatest rock bands. Even the bad acting by the actors playing both the lead role and Dale Arden were forgiven by one of the most outstanding movie villain casts of all time. Truly the epitome of bad moviemaking; there should be a law that bad movies must follow this classic '80s cheesy formula!
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Oof, "Flash Gordon" ... haven't seen this one in dog years. Even as a kid, I always found it rather painful to watch. (The gaudiness! MY EYES! MY EYES!)

...however, I have actually been interested in re-visiting it ever since I saw Seth McFarlane's "Ted," in which the characters' mutual love of "Flash Gordon" is a major plot point and Sam Jones turns up playing a crazed parody of himself.
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I have Flash Gordon on Blu-ray Disc. Watching it on a 50" screen with that kind of resolution made me give up acid. Not because I had a bad trip, but because I realised that with such a picture to look at as I please, I no longer needed acid.

Some of the comments here worry me, though. No love for Brian Blessed? Sorry, I mean ¡¡¡¡¡BRIAN BLESSED!!!!!!.

Parralax view

I must say it is a colorful Film.  My favorite parts were the accents of Klytus and Ming.  Sneering, upper crust all the way. Max von Sydow has the best of the accents and most of the good lines in the movie.  The dismissing way he says "Fall on your Sword", I can only attribute to a upper crust ahole.  It was a movie of it's time, totally out of place and context today, but molded for the audiences of the time, satiated with star wars and others that came about.  Thoroughly enjoyable in an embarrassng way.