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Puppet Master III

Started by Charles Westfall II, October 17, 2000, 12:45:05 PM

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Charles Westfall II

  One thing I noticed, the first two films had the puppets as little psychos, and Toulon had that whole Claude Rains 'Invisible Man' thing going, especially with turning that woman into a giant living puppet because he thought she was a reincarnation of his dead wife, whose essence resides in the leech woman, as stated in the third film. Is it asking too much that Full Moon keeps some semblance of a structured story line.
  One problem I had with the setting, if this is Nazi Germany in 1941, they ar not having the problems they later would have. They just finished beating France's ass in a few weeks, now they were storming headlong into Russia with the Red Army fleeing for its life, they won't start running into serious problems till that winter. If the plot said 1943-early 44 then the animated dead concept would be cool, they could have a bunch ready just before the Normandy landings.
  Also just a minor note, noticed the Wehrmacht General in the brothel, one of the general's oakleaves on his collar was upside down.

Phantom 187

This was the best movie, I think, from all 6 installments. Why? do you ask.. Well this movie shows the origins of several of the puppets and we have the stop motion animation all in one. This is some of the best things that a fullmoon movie has to offer and for that I give this movie an A+ for GOd like!


I really liked this entry.  The performances were good, the genesis of Blade was a neat little surprise bonus, and the re-animated solider subplot reminded me of Shock Waves (a pet favorite of mine) in a good way.  Recommended.


As much as I enjoyed this movie, there are two MAJOR inconsistencies with the first two, among thousands of minor inconsistencies:

1. The "Prequel" (Part 3) takes place in 1941... According to Part 3, Andre died in 1939!!  What's up with that?

2. Toulon gives life to "The Jester" in Part 1, yet in Part 3 which was supposed to have occurred BEFORE Part 1, the Jester is alive!


I meant to say according to Part 1, Andre died in 1939!

Super Saiyan Goku

You gotta admit, six-shooter did lay out that one nazi like a Thai school girl. By the way, have you seen Retro Puppetmaster?

Roy Smith

11 mins - I thought that when Germans fell over they yelled, "Mein leiben!"  - This was funny as Hell, Wolfenstein forever!

And you really don't want to know where the 7th bullet comes me on this.

Steven Millan

   Before he fell to the barrel's bottom,and began to film
disposable sludge such as "The Brotherhood" and "Ancient Evil:Scream of the Mummy"(with his leaden partners-in-crime
Matthew Jason Walsh and J.R. Bookwalter),David DeCoteau was at the top of the B movie chain,making Russ Meyer-seque T&A
cheesecake horror flicks,using every nameable late 80s/early 90s Scream Queen on the Planet(Linnea,Brinke,Jewel
,Michelle,Monique,Julie Strain,etc.),and found enough time
(while running Cinema Home Video's videos-for-sale division)
to lense this above-average,fairly ambitious Full Moon
sequel,which is definitely one of that company's better
outings(with the others being anything with Stuart Gordon's
name attached to it).'Nuff said.

The Necrofile-Crocodile

It is worth watching, but the quality of part 1+2 is missing.

Best one of the series I lked when Tunneler drilled that guys back and came out of his stomach


Not just 3! all of the puppet masters were the best thing Full Moon ever did!!!


I have been a fan of all of the puppet master moives. Moving killer dolls scare me. Blade is my favorite puppet. He is the coolest killer puppet ever.


This reffers to's comment about puppet master 3.You are right they are chronologicly wrong
but dont all these puppet master movies have problems like this. Just because you think you are a 11th grade World history Teacher dosent make you a good movie critict. Puppet master 3 still rocks just avoid curse of the puppet master it is the worst of the series.


This movie was great because of Six-Shooter.  He is just too cool and that scene with him climbing up the wall like a spider was marvelous.  (I'm a huge fan of stop motion.)

Of course I will forever love Blade and that adorable Jester.  Man if he was real I'd be stealing him from Toulon and letting him live in my house in his own room. ^_^  ::hugs Mr. Hans::

Yeah, I'm kinda weird.  But I love PM so who cares? LOL



Awesome... I love puppets and dolls, and I have some of my own puppet friends and two puppet children, a boy and girl(one is actually a Curious George doll), and I have a blue hand puppet called Duncan Greeley, who's a CPA. Yeah, I loved these movies, because everytime I watched them two decades ago(currently 2006 c.e.) I could actually 'smell rubber and plastic' by just watching the stop motion awesomeness!