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Puppet Master III

Started by Charles Westfall II, October 17, 2000, 12:45:05 PM

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I enjoy this website tremendously but I think you;ve come a cropper on this one.  Of all the Puppet Master movies, this is the 0one with the best acting, best writing, and best self-contained plot.  I think the remarks about fighting the nazi's after the deaths of friends is a bit unrealistic, but kill one's soulmate and there would definitely be more reason to react.  Furthermore, it was clear his life, as he knew it, was over, so he had nothing left to lose.

It's not a perfect movie but it is far from a failure, and definitely not the worst of the series.


I agree with the majority here--this is the best of the series.  The first one was kinda dull, and the second was just horrible.  This one has a cast that is genuinely taking it seriously, the characters are believable, and  it's heartbreaking to see this gentle soul become  a killer.   Lynch makes a great villain, as usual, and it's nice to see Rolfe actually standing up to him.

The origins of the puppets make more sense than just injecting them with green joy juice, too.  The only downside is Peter and his father, who stop the movie cold every time they are on screen.  But they are fairly scarce during the flick, so they don't do too much damage.

I really don't see why this got such a low rating.  It doesn't always jibe with the first two, and to me, that's a PLUS!


People only like this movie because it contains Nazis being killed. It's utter garbage and I'm glad you didn't go along with the crowd in this review.