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Started by Andrew, November 13, 2012, 08:35:58 AM

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This movie is a rip-off of "Gremlins," but with Harvey Korman.  A <b>LOT</b> of Harvey Korman.  In fact, there is so much Harvey Korman here that there is very little time for the hungry gremlins.

Andrew Borntreger


Nice review.  I'm a bit disappointed that the munchies don't "munch" anything.  I bunch of little Gremlin-esc creatures trying to eat a whole town would be funny.


I am fairly sure I saw at least part of this film on cable back in the '80s but I have only the vaguest memories of it, mainly of Harvey Korman. CURSE YOU KORMAN!!!  :hatred:
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Am I a bad person because after reading this review I immediately when to see if I could get this movie thru Netflix just so I could see the "headlights to get stuck in the on position" scene?


Here's a film I saw when I was about ten years old and sort of forgot but never really forgot. Make of that what you will.

Probably the funniest thing about this review is that I had no idea when I originally saw this flick who Harvey Korman was. Watching the film, I thought he was just some weird-looking a***ole who was in a cheap flick. Little did I know that I was watching a slice of slumming from one of the men who made Blazing Saddles so awesome.

I say all that because, much like the reviewer, by the time this flick was over I wanted whomever was playing these two characters to die. Not the characters, mind you, but the actor. He was so intensely creepy and irritating that I thought he was going to hypnotise me into running through my home town naked. Or something equally excruciating. As hard to take as he is in as concentrated doses as here, however, you do notice how much better an actor he is than any of the rest of the cast. None of the other actors can get through five lines without making one want to smash the television in protest.

Korman aside, the real star of this flick was the Munchie puppet(s). Yes, they are severe Gremlin rip-offs, and the parallels that are pointed out between child development and the creatures' life-cycles form something that proves more interesting than both films. But as incompetent and silly as the script is, I think the writers knew that any connection they made between the flick and the audience would be through the Munchies. Long have I hoped for a sequel. Maybe I shall just have to go out and make one myself...