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Started by Max Harker, November 25, 2006, 04:09:49 PM

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Max Harker

 Is it the crappy theme song? His resemblance to
Bigfoot? Maybe its the way he gets humiliated by
a 6 year old on a tri-cycle, but we have to laugh
at Mitchell. His name alone screams action,
adventure, and B.O. He's less a hero, than a God.
That is, if God was a dumpy alcoholic in a bad
suit. If you like the genre of Hobo/Detective
movies, youll love...Mitchell!

K. Jung

Finally this masterpiece well known in the IMdB
bottom 100 arrives.
Unfortunately, there is a sequel where Mitchell
goes to Italy to kill some mobs.


Martin Balsam was also Detective Arbogast in Psycho (the *real* one, not that stupid color thing), and John Saxon has a long and not-quite-respectable career in genre films, with Enter the Dragon being one of many he did.

Ernst Bitterman

If you have access to someone with an MST3K vault, this movie is good fun.  I almost wathced a full half-hour of it once in the straight version... brrrr.
  How the hell does a lump like Mitchell get a character who looks like Linda Evans interested in him?  I'm (somewhat)more attractive than he is, and frankly I'd question the sanity of a woman that pretty who was interested in me.


Terrible, just terrible


After seeing the MST3K version I can't imagine seeing this w/o the mst commentary. I think the Alamo Drafthouse played this for wierd wednesday recently. I love bad movies but that would just be painful.


"Baby Oil? NOOOOOO!"

Love Mitchell. And Final Justice.


I found this movie extreme boring. Additionally, the sex scene is distrubing.
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I like to crank up the MST3K version when working out.  Makes the workout go by so much faster.
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