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House II: The Second Story

Started by Andrew, October 27, 2007, 09:00:56 AM

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WTF Film organized a Halloween roundtable!  Jesse digs up his great great grandfather's grave and discovers a crystal skull that can open portals in time and space.  He also finds his gramps, who is a loveable old coot despite being an undead revenant.

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Andrew Borntreger

Doc Daneeka

I liked Charlie, in part because he is the subject of one of my favorite death scenes in FRIGHT NIGHT :smile:.

I think that this movie could have been better, the way both the caveman and the aztecs took the skull it could have been a chapter play! Honestly, if Jesse lost the skull the first time and then discovered it had been found in another time period it would have been much more interesting!

The electrician was an excellent character (second time a Cheers co-star has starred in a House film!), but he seemed superfluous, he should have either been there more, or not been there at all really. It would have been pretty funny to see Jesse and Charlie try and do the wiring themselves :drink:

So I take it the ending was a looper? Obviously Jesse shares the name of his great-great-grandpa, and his great-great-grandpa was also a Jesse. Charlie looked pretty slim to me. We can only hope that with the crystal skull gone there will be less trouble for their descendants. I should listen to the commentary.

Ermm, some problems with the review (Don't hit meh!), in the credits, the caveman's name is "Arnold the Barbarian", and I think you should maybe mention in the character sheet that both rivals happen to be living mummies, eh?
For the latest on the fifth installment in Don Coscarelli's Phantasm saga.

Joe the Destroyer

I enjoyed this film, but I still like the first one with William Katz and Richard Moll a lot more.  It's not quite as WTF, but it does have some good monster effects in it. 


Just by the way, I think it should be mentioned, that Gramps is no one less than Royal Dano, who had performed well for over 40!! years on TV and cinema. The Red Badge of Courage was his first big movie.

Giant Claw Jr

The little prehistoric bird was pretty funny when he feed it the steak to make it give up the skull and when he runs out the bird replays with a WHAT?!


I can't believe how little credit has been given to the genius of Bill the Electrician! anyone who's a fan of Buckaroo Banzai would really enjoy certain parts of this movie, namely Bill's scene.

an earlier commenter said Bill seemed unnecessary- but that's the genius of it all. it's not just his character that is so great, but it's his timing in the film. he has about five minutes of screen time which starts about 60 minutes into it. he acts like he's a major character who's been in the film the whole time and you're expected to know who he is. it at first I thought he was some character from another movie who was making some kind of weird guest appearance.

P.S. no offense or anything, but I thought this was a very poor review. it just kind of rolls through the plot without describing a lot of the oddities and great jokes. it doesn't really give a picture of what the movie is actually like. not to mention that it barely mentions Bill. better than I could do, I've got to admit, but i dont read reviews to flatter myself.  :wink:

Giant Claw Jr

That one zombie looks like the villian TEX HEX from that cartoon BRAVE STAR


This is still one of my favourite movies to this day. It confused me that it had nothing to do with the first one... especially in that the skull was haunted and not necessarily the house. And it wasn't really even haunted, it was just coveted. And it didn't really make sense that Jessie's parents were killed by Slim when they didn't have the skull. And then nothing mystical happened to Jessie's little posse until he got the skull.

That could be said for all of the House movies though. How many had something to do with one another? I think it was only two out of all the sequels. 

But yeah... Great movie! 


it was okay i guess.

charlie can perish in hell, i agree.

i think a better plot would have been to completely eradicate it and substitute it with a plot following the electricians life instead, who i believe could have been a Ghostbuster at one point.

why did they leave the pure crystal skull with two precious diamonds on it, on an open field in the middle of a period where lots of money could have been traded for it? what happened to the caterpillar dog? are they drinking enough water? did anyone even bring condoms???

i just don't know.