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20 Million Miles to Earth

Started by Tars, November 25, 2006, 04:10:12 PM

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If you guys are interested check out my site that has tons on info on Ray Harryhausen and his creatures


As a life long fan of Ray Harryhausens work, I had no doubt that the Ymir was recycled for Clash of the Titans...I recognized him right away! Notice the recycling the next time there is a Twilight Zone marathon...all the props from Forbidden Planet show up over and over! Way to budget! I must take issue that the creatures from The War of the Worlds did not look like the Ymir. They were these strange looking upside down triangle shapes with one eye(?)on marionette strings...I remember seeing the space ships from
The War of the Worlds recycled in something, but I can't remember what at the moment...


Oh, joy! TCM is having a sci-fi event today(July 5th)! I keep switching back and forth between "The Thing" and the Twilight Zone marathon on Sci-Fi. Just watched 20 Mil..."Forbidden Planet" is next!


Ray harryhausen was a master of special effect before there were comperized special effects who can forget the giant two headed rocs in THE 7TH VOYAGE OF SINBAD or the giant or amry of skelletons in JASON AND THE ARGANUATS and can you remember his giant crab,bird and bees in MYSTERIOUS ISLAND? wow there will never be another person like him

Not a scientist but I play one on TV

To answer sarasvati, I believe the space ships from Mars in War of the Worlds were re-cycled in Robinson Crusoe on Mars. Kind of ironic, in one film they're from Mars, in another they bring slaves to mine Mars.
As for 20 Million Miles to Earth, Mr. Harryhausen was the prime mover behind the entire film. Sad that the Ymir had to kill an oliphant. Too bad the Ymir didn't meet Mike Meyers or Bill Maher.


Yes they were the martian ship fro WAR OF THE WORLDS  was indeed reused in ROBINSON CRUSOE ON MARS(another great movie)i do recall how much those minning ships looked like the war ships from GEORGE PALS sci fi classic

Jack Corbett

Hey! Ymir DOES look like the Kraken from Clash of the Titans.

El Cid

My favorite Si Fi movie!  I saw it in 1957 at the Allan Theater in Farmington NM.

Things to look for.
The control panel in the space ship appears to be a power plant control panel.  Some of the handles have HOLD cards on them to prevent them from being closed.

The ship lands nose down yet the control room and everything is "up" meaning they had to be upside down when the ship was launched.

Ulo head

This movie is absulutly as close to perfect as a 50's B-movie can get! Andrew should review more Ray HarryHausen movies. I agree with you guys. Pepe is unlikeable.

Don N

This movie is just classic 50's Sci-Fi.
Good stuff indeed, and yes Pepe should have been taken out back and shot.

Colin G. Davis

Question for those who criticise the use of an elephant - since they wanted a fight scene, what other Earth animal could make a fight of it?
Science nitpicks:
Like so many movie monsters, the Ymir grows with astonishing rapidity, to many times its original size. In the real world, no creature can increase its weight by X pounds without consuming at least X pounds of something. Curiously, I find that many people refuse to accept this. Anyway, all the Ymir eats is a few handfuls of sulphur. For the purposes of the film, however, we can accept the impossibility.
We are told the Ymir does not have a centralized breathing system, but as it lies on its slab just before escaping, its chest rises and falls just like yours and mine. This mistake is not so acceptable, because it contradicts what the film has just told us.

Bruce W H

 Harryhausen's Ymir was created long before the Kraken in "Clash of the Titans"... though there are similarities around the corners of each creature's mouth... even as there are in the old stock footage of Ray's Martians from his "War of the Worlds" concept...which, sadly, never saw realization on the screen.
 I own a replica of the famous Ymir in my model figure collection ( also have Talos, the Hydra, the 7th Voyage Dragon and Cyclops and fans out there know the films), and it is among my favorite possessions; I have longed to own a replica of the creature since childhood!
 Ymir is my favoroite 'creature' from the artistic genius of Ray Harryhausen!


The comic book ANOTHER 20.000.000 MILES is out.
Harryhausen is involved.
Wish he wasen't.
It lost me by saying the events of 1957 were "Hushed up".
NO! No you don't hush up an event like that! Stupid,stupid plot!
And it has a secret plot to infect people with stuff from the monster to make "Ymirpeople"....i hate this book.
Trite tripe. could you?
"Aggressivlly eccentric, and proud of it!"


It is the the creature from clash of the titans. he recycled it and added more arms.

Giant Claw Jr

It dose resemble the kraken from CLASH OF THE TITANS do you think their related? :bouncegiggle: