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The Blob (1988)

Started by Andrew, September 21, 2007, 07:26:12 PM

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Svengoolie 3

The interesting thing was the original blob was a commie surrogate.  Mindless red mass bent on
consuming everyone into itself.  We were  afraid of "duh commeez" in the 50's. Movie monsters represented our fears.

No one was afraid of "duh commeez" in the 80's.  So the blob became a US government experiment and the government was willing to let the town be eaten to keep it and keep it secret.  We we're more afraid of our own government in the 80's than "duh commeez".
The doctor that circumcised Trump threw away the wrong piece.


Pre and post-Vietnam saw a big change in how Hollywood portrayed authority figures, especially the military.
I'll show you ruin
I'll show you heartbreak
I'll show you lonely
A sorrow in darkness