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2019: After the Fall of New York

Started by BoyScoutKevin, November 25, 2006, 04:09:49 PM

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Somebody's mother has been reading their King Arthur. Parsifal was one of King Arthur's knights and performing much like the hero of this frilm.


Did anyone else recognize the two stars of "DevilFish" as the stars of this movie?


I really wanna see this film. You just can't beat post- apocoliptic mid 1980s films. Flamethrowers. motorbikes. what else do u want!


I bought this one on dvd has soon has i saw it was available

This is an awsome movie despit its flaws.

I saw devilfish but dont remember it that much to say for the stars LOL.

Nick Warren

This was a fun movie in the same vein as ESCAPE FROM NY then I saw this movie recently on DVD called CHILDREN OF MEN - last woman on Earth carrying baby??? Did they get any ideas from 2019? CHILDREN OF MEN is a GREAT movie, BTW!


This is a good one, clearly it is a load of old nonsense but has many jawdropping plot twists.  Loved it when our 3 hereos are seen off by a bunch of winos, then the strange Chinese man going round whipping rats (eh!) and topped off by the midget who saves them, strangely enough he lived with a colony of other midgets and yet was called "shortie" (were they all called "shortie") and not forgetting a bunch of hairy objects dressed as pirates.  It is one of those films where you cannot quite imagine the mind of the person who wrote it, but then that is probably a good thing!       


You need to do reviews on 1990:The Bronx Warriors and The New Barbarians.


The Guy who played the president of the pan confederacy as also in Ator the fighting eagle as Griba the wizard.


Just watched this one. It is cheesy post apocalyptic nonsense but it is quite watchable. I watched this one on my own so wasn't able to shout out all the plot holes and faults with the movie. However the fact that I still enjoyed it by myself is a good sign. In comparison to another post-apocalyptic flick like say Salute to the Jugger which had far better actors this movie is a lot more entertaining and you even get a couple of glimpses of semi intelligent themes for moments in the movie, then again maybe I was giving it more credit than it deserves...

This movie didn't really provide the high amount of lulz that say the movie 'Alligator' did when I watched that yesterday but I definitely recommend this one to fans of bad cinema. 3/5 for me.

Kampfgruppe Cottrell


I look forward to seeing this film happen next year.
I'll show you ruin
I'll show you heartbreak
I'll show you lonely
A sorrow in darkness

Chuck Most

Just recently rewatched this one, and I still get a laugh when George Eastman says "I can make babies." Dude... I've seen you in Anthropophagus. Nobody is ever letting you near a baby ever again. Well, maybe Joe D'Amato, but really...