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Hercules (1983)

Started by Paul, November 25, 2006, 04:09:49 PM

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I have not seen this movie yet, but i'd just like to say that the video clip just made me wet my pants from laughing so hard.

Ryan J. Kenner

One of the best bad movies ever.  Seriously this movie stinks worse than a burning outhouse. Plus why on earth would Lou Ferrigno fight robots?  Terrible to say the least but utterly amusing. This is "GUTTENBERG" cinema all the way.

Sindbad Of The Seven Seas though wasn't as funny.

David Fullam

Yes, yes, yes! I saw this classic at the movies, first run! Beefcake, cheese cake, monsters, action. What more could you want!


Ah man!  Hercules!  I BEGGED my Dad to take me to this piece of trash.  It was that day I learned a valuble lesson:  The ads on TV are not designed to give you an accurate representation of the movie, but to get you to go see the movie. (I was 11, it was a loss of innocence moment)  I have NEVER looked at TV trailers the same way again.  After it was over, he looked at me and said, "Are you happy?"


One newspaper reviewer's comment was "Teddy bear in space!"

If you listen carfully durring the film clip provided for this review, you can hear Ray Harryhausen SLASHING HIS WRISTS!


This is not your father's for grandfather's Greek mythology. Andrew has already pointed out some of the differences between the Greek myth "Hercules" and the film "Hercules." Here are some more.

There was a Daedalus in Greek mythology. He was the inventor of the maze for the Minotaur and the first human to fly like a bird. But he was not a god or goddess but a mortal, and, of course, he was not a female, but a man.

There was also a King Minos in Greek mythology, but he was not associated with Atlantis, but the island of Crete. But, that is not as far off, as the film's treatment of Daedalus. As Atlantis is believed, by some, to be based on an island near Crete, which was destroyed by a volcanic eruption, sometime early in Greek history.

And, of course, the moon was not the home of the Greek gods, but Mount Olympus was. Something Ray Harryhausen got right in his film adaptations of the Greek myths.

Groucho Marx might have liked this film. Then again, maybe not. One of his reasons for not seeing "Samson and Deliah" was his comment, that he never saw a film in which the man had bigger boobs than the woman. Which seems to be the case here.

On a more postive note, one can see where the costume designer for "Xena: Warrior Princess" got the idea for the costumes for Lucy Lawless. Of course, Lucy Lawless looked better in her costumes, than the women in this film.

Paul P.

I liked this move a whole lot, and then I turned 8.
You had me laughing out loud with your comments about the orbital bear assasin. Please keep them comming.


It's funny thinking how cool something was when you were a kid and then look back on it when you are 20 (Sho Kosugi movies). I must say it even cooler for different reasons.

Giant Claw Jr

Made at the time he was doing THE INCREDIBLE HULK and frankly he looked better all green and growling HULK SMASH and the mechanical monsters realy to be scrapped


Eva Robins, the actress who plays Daedalus, is, technically speaking, a guy. "She" also stars in "Eva Man", another terminally insane Italian flick.


Gosh you cant help looking at him with out hearing him roaring or saying HULK ANGRY HULK SMASH


I had the 'pleasure' to watch this one on Cinemax after catching the tail end of Full Metal Jacket. Nice little after-school treat.  :cheers:

My favorite bit was the fight with the bear: how Lou just tackled what looked more like a fursuiter who just wandered onto the set and then spliced it with footage from the Discovery Channel. Then he just through that bastard into SPACE.

Also, Hercules house looked like something out of The Flintstones.

Cheesy special effects, melodrama, and an insane plot. This is Conan on Mary Jane. With bears.


Hoo boy. Just watched the film on film 4 an English well respected film channel which occasionally goes ape by showing such films as hercules . An excellently bad film.

Svengoolie 3

This was hilariously bad.  :bouncegiggle:
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