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Favorite Comic Book Villains

Started by Mortal Envelope, November 21, 2007, 11:43:06 AM

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Jim H

QuoteRulk.  A Red Hulk.  Kinda stronger than Green Hulk, and the opposite, as he's bad, not good.  Or however that works.

While I find Rulk to be hilarious at times, I also think he's one of the most ridiculous characters ever created in any medium.  So yeah, I guess I have mixed feelings about him.   Some of the things that happen with him I can't believe are canon.  Like punching Uatu.  :teddyr:

Here's one I like just because his ability makes absolutely no sense at all.

The Turtle.  He's a Flash villain.  You know, the guy who can run like, the speed of light?  The Turtle is a villain whose ability is strategic slowness.  Yeah.


A few other faves:

The Leader - Hulk villain who had his mind enhanced by gamma radiation but not his puny body.

MODOK - bizarre Iron Man villain

Ultron - another great Iron Man villain

Despero - bizarre powerful pink skinned three eyed cyclops style alien who frequently tackled with he entire Justice League of America back in the day.

Elektro - always liked him...not really sure why. Same with fellow Spidey villains The Vulture, The Shocker and The Scorpion. Think I liked Spidey's rogue gallery best of them all.
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Ed, Ego and Superego

I really like Bane, and Dr. Doom.   Dr. Doom has such interesting treatments.  He's eeeeviiilll but I think if one much toil under an overlord, he'd be an OK one.

Bane isn't a bad fellow all in all.  Sort of a misplaced superhero of given the chance,

My third place villain is Sabretooth.  Just sheer nastiness there,
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The Burgomaster

In no particular order:

* Red Skull
* Dr. Doom
* Green Goblin
* Galactus
* Mandarin
* Sand Man
* Absorbing Man
* Joker
* Solomon Grundy
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She might not be very bad and I doubt she's canonic, but . . . Ink in the Batman animated serial. She was a great drawn character, but I think they never reveald it's full potential.