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Disney gun censorship?

Started by Kooshmeister, March 13, 2007, 08:33:53 PM

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Yaddo 42

I know there have been programs like Project Exile for gang related/gun crimes that have been fairly successful.

And I have known my share of irresponsible gun owners, I've mentioned the people showing off their "toys" who hand or try to hand me loaded guns before. And people with their stories of injuries and close calls while clean guns they "thought" were unloaded. My best friend bought a rifle he had to keep at my house since he couldn't trust his father to keep his hands off of it when he was away.

My dad was an NRA member for years, then let his membership run out later in life because he opposed their lobbying efforts to prevent restriction of semi-auto assault rifles and things like TEC-9s in the 80s. He didn't like the idea of weapons with high-capacity magazines and fairly rapid fire in the hands of lots of people. But he also felt using a scope in most cases was lazy shooting.

Of course you can comment, I know I like hearing from the perspective of someone who didn't grow up in an environment different from the one I know. Thanks about the avatar, wish I had discovered the strip sooner, only knew it by reputation for a while. It really is a classic.
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I'm anti-gun to a certain degree. I own lots of Jane and military guns books. I understand guns for hunting (which I don't like) and hand guns for house protection but Assualt rifles and sub-machine guns with high magazine and stop power we don't need.

Maybe because I grew up and still live in NYC where guns are a problem. People go to other states buy guns with no problem and sell them here.
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