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Shockwave (AI Assault)

Started by Andrew, January 18, 2008, 08:01:05 PM

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Through a lot of this movie I was wondering why that cretin was carrying that 66 and didn't think of using it until Rork died. ok, I didn't miss him but if they were waiting for that why not shoot him on sight? Then I was waiting for him to pull the safety out. He didn't, even the robot got bored and left. Good to see the actor had trouble putting the pin back in that bloody rear cover. It's not just me. I think you Americans call a 66 a LAWS. You also drink Dr Pepper. For fun.
Another thing. The bunnys were a problem, but the Cain Toad is more trouble than these killer robots.
"Got that flair gun?" I thought he said flagon. Still carrying that 66 arround? Can't find the safety?
Lightning? They also forget to install a surge protector?
Did he throw that rifle before getting into the hellicopter? Someone signed for that.
Also. How many 'nukes' is that plane carrying?
Enough of this, I'm off to watch something more sensable. Sharktopus!


Well, the Aussies and Kiwis know a clanger when they see one. Oh, the terror! Oh, letter too many. 'Oh, the error!'
Crack a tube for me, Dogsledder. And never watch a flick like this without beer and friends.
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Oh, and this is why I'd never build a battle robot. Power Armor, yeah. Because you can maybe reason with a guy in armor, not a mad bot with a destruction jones.
"Aggressivlly eccentric, and proud of it!"


I made the mistake of buying this movie because I thought it was "Shockwaves" a wonderful 70's island zombie/nazi mad scientist  romp. Boy was I disappointed!  I do have to say it was watchable but overall pretty boring.  Of course it could have been worse, one of the robots could have grabbed a flashlight and held it up to its photoelectric cell for power!

Svengoolie 3

Do you think when they contract for a movie like this they get handed a list of former star trek or battlestar galactica actors and allowed to pick any 2?
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