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Color-coordinated Competition in HS/College?

Started by LauraB, August 03, 2008, 04:00:20 AM

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Hi. I'm so glad I've discovered this forum because I've been looking for something like this for years. Just by searching through old posts, I've found the titles for two movies - The Peanut Butter Solution and Monster Squad - that have been pestering me for years.  :smile:

But I still need help with at least one title. I can't remember whether the characters of this American 80's movie were in high school or college, but they were definitely school-age, and they were grouped according to various stereotypes, i.e. nerds, jocks, etc. I can't remember what they were competing for, but I know all the groups were color-coded (I think the nerds wore white), and one of the obstacles involved a golf course. Also, a van played an important part for one of the groups; I think the nerds were using it to store all their computer equipment. The final scenes take place in a hotel, possibly involving an escalator.

I'm sorry this sounds so vague, but you know how it is:  if I remembered anything else, I probably could have found it on my own!


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It's definitely Midnight Madness.
Awesome movie!   :thumbup:
I own it on DVD and am in the middle of writing a review for it.


That's it!  Thank you.  :smile:

It's funny:  I just wanted to know the title; I had no desire to watch the film, but now I'm really tempted to see it again. Is that the typical reaction?


As soon as I saw the question, I knew it was "Midnight Madness." A piece of trivia from the film. That film was Michael J. Fox's theatrical debut.


O.P. "LauraB" has confirmed that the Solution of MIDNIGHT MADNESS is correct (two posts up the thread). Please move to Solved + Thanks!