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DVD Giveaway: "Point of Contact"

Started by Andrew, October 01, 2008, 07:54:28 PM

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The ghost I'd like to meet? Bela,  course!  :smile:
Scariest? Whatever walks in Hill House.  :buggedout:
Supernatural?...perhaps. Baloney?...Perhaps not!" Bela Lugosi-the BLACK CAT (1934)
Interviewer-"Does Dracula ever end for you?
Lugosi-"No. Dracula-never ends."
Slobber, Drool, Drip!


A ghost that would I would like to meet but also would fear, having both qualities, would be Genghis Khan. He unified the Mongol empire and pressured surrounding regions with brutal military campaigns that would leave his legacy in infamy almost 800 years after his death. His vigilance eliminated the entire Khwarezmian Empire off the map, ordering the death of every person who stood taller than a wagon wheel due to the ill treatment of a trading convoy. Some people seem to have such power in their presence, I am sure this would be lasting after death.

Patrick D


I want to meet the ghost of Bela Lugosi and thank him for all the tremendous pleasure his art has given me over the years.  I would want him to know that he was truly appreciated.

Who would scare me?   Probably no one--there are no cases of a ghost actually harming the living.  But I would find meeting L Ron Hubbard the most distasteful event I can think of.


t would be quite an honor to meet the ghost of a chance.


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Rykk B

I would most want to meet Julius Caesar.  It would be both exciting, and

Andrew Borntreger


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Mark M.

I would love to meet Vincent Price's ghost just so I can have a chat with him. He
died when I was very young so I only have movie memories of him now.

The most terrfying ghost would have to be Maquis De Sade's because I'd still believe
he'd wanna do nasty things to my girlfriend given half the chance. ;)
Andrew Borntreger


Definitely one to think about.

At the top of my list would be the ghost of any of my own distant ancestors.

The historic figures, particularly history's villains, would offer an interesting window on the past. Would be fascinating to ask Hitler's ghost what the hell he was thinking.

Out of the good guys, scientists, inventors and visionaries of the past would be cool, whether it be DaVinci, Goddard, Einstein, Bell, the Wright Brothers or whomever.

Can't say what ghost would scare me - Jeffrey Dahmer maybe.
"Join me in the abyss of savings."


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I would really like to meet the ghost of my cousin who died at only 24.  She was a
true sweetheart and I would like to tell her how much we all miss her.

Maria P.
Andrew Borntreger


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QuoteI would like to meet the ghost of Bela Lugosi.  I wonder if he's as scary as a ghost
as he was in the old horror flicks.

Irma M.
Andrew Borntreger


After pruning the thread down to only valid entries (we had a few quick discussions and questions in there), I ran the list through and here are the five winners:

Rykk B

I am sending an email out to all of the winners.  Please reply to that email within 5 days.  Once the list of 5 winners is complete I will send it to Echelon Studios so that they can mail you a "Point of Contact" DVD!  Thanks to everyone for contributing.

Quick side note: I saw the ghost who would scare me pop up in the discussions:  Hitler.  I was undecided who I would want to meet.  Benjamin Franklin seemed like an interesting choice.
Andrew Borntreger


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