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Winger - Seventeen

Started by Ash, December 19, 2009, 05:08:03 AM

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The first thing to do in this thread is watch the Winger video below....Seventeen.
Listen closely to the lyrics.

Was Kip Winger some hardcore pervert or was he onto something?
Yes, it might be considered wrong to lust after a 17 year old girl, especially if you're in your 30's, 40's, or 50's and on up. (even though she might technically be "legal" in some states)

Personally, I prefer to associate with women in their mid 20's and 30's.
They're much more mature.

What do you think?


i have been called a lot of things.....mature is not one of them. 

never mind his fetish....can the man play more than one cord at a time on the bass??

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Well, Kip Winger was only about 26 when he wrote this song, during the mighty decade of decadence which was the 1980s. Yes, it's cheesy, yes it seems perverse, but that's what grabs your attention. Plus, it's just a fantastic, catchy pop-rock track. You're either a prude or aren't open minded when it comes to music if you're going to be instantly dismissive in regards to the band. Winger get so much crap for this song, but it's usually from people who have only heard "Seventeen" or "Miles Away" (another great song btw). Kip Winger and Reb Beach were doing session work and sleeping on Beau Hill's floor. When you get signed finally and get some cash, the record company wants a hit, you knock up some throw-away track in 5mins (just like Warrant did with "Cherry Pie). The band had alot more going for them and are exceptional musicians - see "Pull" (1993) or "Karma" (2009) for evidence of that.

Hell, I met my ex-fiancee when she was 17 and she'd already been sleeping with guys in their 40s and 50s. I'm also pretty sure that there's plenty of older men out there who lust after young girls, even fall in love with young girls from time to time. Vladimir Nabokov's Lolita anyone?

Anyway, great song, rant over!  :teddyr:


Society likes to apply adult sexuality to girls who may be post-puberty but are not adults. Fantasy is fine and dandy, but when you start bringing any of that fantasy into reality, you are risking trouble, which is why this song catches crap. I think the song with the stereotypical image of rock being "immoral" probably adds fuel to the argument, but it doesn't make the argument valid.

Do I like looking at younger women? Yes. Would I like to date a much younger woman (17 to 25)?  Kinda doubt it. No mutual reference points. She might be aware of cultural information, but she wouldn't have the direct connection I would. I mean, I watched Scooby Doo from when it premiered, for the love of God, but I didn't write a Masters thesis after analyzing the DVD boxed set.  And having to explain, over and over again, how I know all these old character actors and "Just what is 'Gunsmoke'?" and on and on.

I'm sorry, what was the topic again?

Mr. DS

I personally like this song because it's catchy and speaks 80s.  Yes there is a creepy factor lyric wise but I'm sure older rock stars sleeping with underaged chicks is nothing new. Didn't Steven Tyler adopt an underaged girl for these purposes?  Granted it doesn't make the situation right morally,  however how many guys out there lust after slightly underaged chicks in our society.  Then they pull the "I can't wait until she's legal" kind of thing.  The Olsen Twins, Emma Watson, etc come to mind.   Perhaps the song could be considered sexy because the chick he is singing about is just about to turn legal but she's already grown up in the way she...ahem..."presents" herself.   I'm kind of glad they used the age "seventeen" because the song wouldn't have sprouted wings if they were talking about any girl younger.  

For me its just a rock song and a good one at that.  Winger caught a decent amount of flack and became the whipping boy of the grunge generation.  Very unjust so I might add because they did put out great music in their time.

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Makes you wonder ... Is that girl in his video 17 ... she looks about 20 something lol.

Edit - but yes, I do like the song though.


Oh, I wasn't saying that I disliked the song.  Love it actually.  :thumbup:
(I was half asleep when I wrote this thread so it didn't come out quite right)
It's just that there's so few songs out there that have become controversial in one way or another and this is one of them.