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Creature creeping up to kitchen window. Knife in sink. Long hair fetus.

Started by T-Rex Television, June 10, 2007, 12:17:39 AM

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T-Rex Television

Well, I remember watching a movie (I think it was a movie. Perhaps a television show, but probably a movie) when I was younger, so that would make it that I saw it in the '90s. Well, I remember only a small part, but it was rather creepy. It switched from a 'creature-eye' view of the camera, moving around like you are seeing things from t he creatures point of view, and it is sort of creeping up closer to a kitchen window of a house. I don't think they showed the creature in the scene, just the POV from him. Anyways, the camera view switched from the creatures POV to a view from a ways behind the lady that is standing in front of the kitchen sink (which the small window is right above), doing dishes or something. And it is nighttime out, very dark and only light from the kitchen so it would be pretty hard to see much outside. But it is just quiet and keeps switching views. Then eventually, the creature is almost right up to the window, looking at the woman at the sink, and the lady looks up and squints to look around outside the window, but sees nothing and keeps doing dishes. Then she drops a knife in the sink drain. Now, i'm not sure if there is a garbage disposal blade thing in the sink drain that goes off or something, but it was basically a tense moment when the knife drops in, but she gets it out without getting harmed.

And that's all I remember. Now, I sort of recently saw "Critters" (which I actually didn't enjoy too much), but I am pretty sure that is not it. But that scene that is sort of similar to the one I am thinking of, that is in Critters is what reminded me of the one I am looking for. Anyone know? Thanks.

(Also, there was another scene I remember. But I think this one was from a TV show, maybe a sort of horror short films program. Well, a lady is in a kitchen and sees like, a dark black hair in the sink drain or something, and she pulls it out but it just keeps being real long and thicker and more hair, until finally it ends and like, I think it was a little hairy fetus thing was at the end, or maybe it was just actually made out of hair itself. And this real long bunch of hair was  coming off it, which she pulled it up from the drain with. I think she actually doesn't freak out or anything, but takes care of it. That's all I remember. Any help with this one?)

Man, just remembering these scenes is creeping me out.
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Do you remember any of the stylistic details used for the creature POV?  For example, was it tinted a certain color, polarized, slow-motion, etc?  That might help narrow it down.

Carnosaur is the first thing that comes to mind.  But given your avatar, I'm sure you're well acquainted with this title.


The first one sounds alot like HUMANOIDS from the DEEP (1980).
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The first one may be the 90s remake of Humanoids From the Deep, but it isn't the original one.

The second one was a short film on the Sci-Fi Channel's (I think it was Sci-Fi) short film show.  I remember it was a short film from Australia, directed by a woman, and was in black and white.

The fetus grew into a hairy man.  The woman shaved the hair off and the man underneath was pretty damn good looking.  Some other things happened, and the guy got conked out and stuffed into a trash bag.  He came back to life and started making out with the woman, but she found a hair on the back of his neck and started pulling on it, which ... I'm not really sure what was supposed to be happening but he gasped and the woman just kept pulling and pulling on the hair.

I believe the show was called "Exposure".  I've no idea on the title of the short film, but I would like to see it again.
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T-Rex Television

Hmm, well the camera view from the creature wasn't really very special or anything. It was just sort of shakey since I believe the creature was low to the ground and it couldn't see through the window from where it was. It would just look the same as if a camera was strapped to the back of a raccoon or something. I don't remember if you could hear it's breathing or anything though.

I've actually never seen Carnosaur, but I think I would remember if there were dinosaurs involved. I don't think there were.

I'll have to rent Humanoids from the Deep, if I can find it. Or atleast purchase it for cheap. But once I see it i'll let you know if it was it.

And akiratubo, I think that is the right one! I thought I did remember that the fetus thing grew bigger into a very hairy man, and she shaved it, but I wasn't sure so I didn't say it. Thanks, I was wondering what that weird one was. and I watched so much of the Scifi channel back then (when it was actually fun to watch since it had movies all the time), so i'm sure that's right. Thank you.
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The first one matches a scene from "Critters" in wich dee wallace is doing the dishes and one of the little buggers jumps on top of a trash can and peers through the window at her doing dishes, all from CPOV mind you.


I was intrigued by the description of the short film Akiratubo and T-Rex Television discuss, so I decided to track it down. For anyone who might care, it's Kitchen Sink (1989) written and directed by Alison Maclean. A small correction: it's a New Zealand film, not Australian. As I write this, it can be found on youtube.