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Best board games

Started by Zapranoth, July 03, 2011, 01:32:31 AM

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Flick James

An old Navy buddy and I would get locked into an intense game of Axis & Allies once in a while. He usually won, so when I did win it was a big deal.

There was another intense strategy and history based board game I used to play called Caesar, with a certain friend. This game would sometimes take 2-3 long sittings to get through. It was a hex-based reenactment of the Battle of Alesia between Julius Caesar's legions and the Gauls under Vercingetorix. We would spend a Saturday from maybe 10 am until that night, and still only be through maybe half a game. I couldn't find a box picture for that one.
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The Burgomaster

My wife and I have been playing these quite a bit recently:

7 WONDERS - Great game.  Each player has a hand of cards representing buildings, resources, military, science, etc.  Everyone chooses one card to add to their display, then passes their cards to the next person who chooses one, then they get passed again and so on.  Really tense because you only get to choose one card at a time and you can see all the good ones you are about to pass to your opponent.  

LONDON - Takes place after the great fire of London.  This is another card driven game with cards representing buildings, urban improvements (e.g., street lights, the underground), people, etc.  Cards are color coded and if you want to add a card to your display you need to throw away a card of the same color.  The catch is, that card now becomes availabe for your opponent to pick up and use.  Always tough decisions about what to keep and what to throw away.  You can also purchase boroughs (the game board is a map of the city).  Each borough provides victory points and allows you to draw more cards from the deck.  But the more cards you have, the more susceptible you are to poverty which counts against you in the final scoring.

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Psycho Circus

I also enjoyed Go For Broke

I'm pretty sure I still have that tucked away somewhere.

Hammock Rider

The younger nieces and nephews like Perfection. For me it has pretty limited replay value but they can sit for a along time playing it over and over...

Here's a game that was fun for about 20 minutes , but there are actual leagues nowadays for fans.
Jumping Kings and Making Haste Ain't my Cup of Meat