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2 questions & suggestions

Started by Josso, January 15, 2014, 02:36:54 PM

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1. What's the maximum size/dimensions for avatars? (perhaps it should be stated on the profile information page)

2. What's the amount of posts I need for editing my posts (could be stated in the rules perhaps? someone mentioned it was 100 - I strongly doubt that with the amount of mods here a spammer/idiot could get to this amount of posts before being deleted/banned)



The avatars are 100 by 100 pixels.  A lot of information about the forum is in this post in announcements:,113524.0.html

Stating the max size on that page is a great suggestion.  I'll take a look at the source files and see if I can't find where to modify them so it displays there.

The editing posts trigger is having 100.  It's likely we could reduce that and still deny the spammers their due.  Let me take a look at some statistics though, because the limit on editing posts came about due to some sneaky spammers.  They would post normally, but go back and edit their old posts to add the spam links.  The hard part is balancing being able to edit posts against how old of posts someone can edit.  I'd rather have no limit on how old of a post can be edited.
Andrew Borntreger


OK awesome thanks Andrew, I must have missed the avatar details in forum rules

I run phpBB3 so I feel your pain on the spam front