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TYTD Review/Red Triangle Reviews

Started by TYTD Review, October 17, 2017, 03:59:01 PM

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I'll show you ruin
I'll show you heartbreak
I'll show you lonely
A sorrow in darkness

TYTD Review

Quote from: Dark Alex on March 11, 2019, 02:00:47 AM
Welcome back.

It's good to be back man :) Im still not actively making content though im hoping if things stay the way they are that I might be able to start back at it in the next couple of weeks  :smile:

In the mean time here are a couple more...firstly this absolute nightmare fuel:

Followed by this generic as hell 90's special:

TYTD Review

And with this im up to date! Unfortunately due to a lot of frankly unplesent crap that is happening in my life right now It may be a little while before I upload a new review to here...I assure you this isnt the end but a brief Hiatus until I actually have the time to watch movies again.

til next time x

TYTD Review

I have returned! My upload schedules a bit all over the place but its good to be back here guys I'll probably be posting these in 2's for the time being just while my schedules are still a bit all over the place...So here's my first 2 episodes while im back

First: here's "One Dark Night" a fairly low budget horror movie with TV's own Adam West! :D

And then this week's episode "If Looks Could Kill" a pretty crappy action thriller which asks the ever begged question "Why should I care about this movie?"

Hoping to be around a bit more than of late! but till next time! :) <3

TYTD Review

TYTD Review

This week! we have the most concentrated pure sample of 80's new wave ever collected on record! (You were warned!) Here's 1982's "Liquid Sky"  :teddyr:

TYTD Review

Hi all! thought i'd Stick my head in as I've had a few more new reviews pop up over the last few weeks (I would have been here sooner but I've been on vacation and my partners been keeping me quite busy with household odds and ends!) Either way here's 3 new ones!  :smile:

TYTD Review

Okay! this ones a bit wobbly...basically it' been nurf'd twice by Studiocanal who claimed they currently own the rights to this movie (As far as I can research they dont...) They've blocked the video worldwide twice. so it's appearing here in it's re-edited form. If it goes down again I'll make sure to refresh the links as soon as I can. It's also NSFW. Enjoy!

TYTD Review

Sorry for the lack of an update lately! to make up for it here's a couple of new ones!

TYTD Review

New releases here ladies and gents! gettum while they're spicy hot!

[A Terrible movie]

[A Full length commentary for the theatrical cut of "Commando"]

[And a brand new review of the sci-fi classic "Silent Running"]

TYTD Review

Well guys! Halloweens rapidly upon us! And this year i've decided to go for a Themed month! yes! for the entirity of October I've been charting a semi-alternative history of the Vampire! here's the first 3 for your viewing pleasure!  :smile:

TYTD Review

Hi All! Im back at it again! and here's three of my latest! finishing off Vampire month and a special Collaborative episode!

TYTD Review

Hi All!,

Once again I have returned! and I thought I'd put up this months uploads just before we dive deep into the festive reviews!  :teddyr: :cheers:

Also! we've recently recorded a full length feature commentary for the 1982 Lucio Fulci movie "Manhatten Baby" Baby!:

TYTD Review

Merry Christmas Everyone! (Bit late I know but it's still the festive season until it's new years so I thought i'd get it in before the window closed!)

I've made a few Christmas specials this year :) I thought I'd shove them up here before the decade ended (Clean break and all that!) so! Hope everyone here has had a fantastic Christmas, that everyone has a fantastic new year!, thanks so much for the support and for watching my videos over the last 2 years and we'll be back in February/March time with a brand new season :)

TYTD Review

Hi Everyone! It's been quite a while since my last post! I've been quite busy with some new reviews (Im still trying to decide whether to go live on the last week of February or the first week of March...But either way that should give you an idea of how far off I am on the new season!)

In the meantime I thought I'd share a couple of commentaries I've done during the gap to tide things over the first was released on New years day and it's for the 1987 Norman J. Warren Film "Bloody New Year":

The second was released today! and it's myself and my partner settling down for a lovely mushy romance film...1972's "Pink Flamingos"!

I should be back in a couple of weeks with a 1983 cult classic! but for now! i'll see you all shortly  :smile: