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Something funny

Started by Trevor, December 06, 2021, 11:54:39 AM

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I went for my usual Saturday breakfast two Saturdays ago, you get your hands sanitized and your temperature taken before you go in: no problems there. As I went in to the restaurant - I've been going to that same one for almost 15 years now - a mom and her son were ahead of me and the child didn't want his hands cleaned. The mom then said "then you can't have the milkshake I promised you." Tears started.

I got my hands cleaned and was near the kid so I showed him what needed to be done with my own hands, saying "It's just a bit of spray and then you wipe your hands like this. Nothing to it." I smiled at him, he smiled back and the look I got from his Mom said something like "go drop dead somewhere"  :buggedout:

The waitress asked me why I did that: my reply was that I couldn't let the kid miss out on his milkshake and to hell with what his mother thought of me.  :teddyr:
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